Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Good May Evaluation

Yesterday I got my May evaluation and I had a great job. Excellent was the word I got. That made me so happy. I did have an episode where I had not eaten enough and my sugar plummetted. It was made worse by being stuck on a phone call making my break half an hour late. Unavoidable things like that happen.

When we got home our neighbors came over and we enjoying a few glasses of wine and exchanging some child rearing tips and stories. They have a teenager and things are going a bit rough. I am certainly happy not to have an adolescent now with all the things they can get themselves into trouble with. Her daughter is very mature looking and very attractive and this spells trouble for a Mom who had to remove some features from her girl's phone yesterday. She noticed her daughter was deleting sent messages and found a few pics she had taken of herself that were a bit much for someone young (or older for that matter.)

Well Monday is over. Everyone was in a great mood at work yesterday and I am hoping for more of the same today.
Mosquitoes here are horrible. My yard borders a "wetlands" woods and OMG. Last night we had to come in. Even spray would not deter them.
Somedays I feel like high school. My first thoughts in the morning are'"What should I wear today?" To think I thought when school ended it would never be a big deal again. HA!
Happy Tuesday. I am trying to think of something to be grateful for each day this month. On Sunday for the first time my father was able to use his LEFT hand (he was right handed but that arm barely moves) to feed himself. He did a great job! On top of that we sat at a table with some new residents at the rehab and this woman May told my mother how fortunate she was to have two such caring and attentive daughters. She said she thought my father had such wonderful support and received so much caring. That did my heart good. Not that I need to hear that but thinking that my father may be thinking the same thing OR hearing others say that. He did smile at me several times and when I kissed him goodbye he grabbed my hand and squeezed it hard.


Susan C said...

Nelle, That touches my heart to hear how your father squeezed your hand. He's working hard to make sure you know how much he loves and cherishes you.

Also, love the new masthead.

Nelle said...

Glad you like it...a surprise from my husband who loves making these graphics! He has done some for other blogs as well.
After my Dad's first stroke he was in the ER and I was with him, we were alone and I had tears in my eyes and I hugged him. "Babe, come on...it's not THAT bad." he said. If he only knew that about a week later a worse stroke was going to take away his verbal skills. Just another lesson how fragile all things in life are and how we must live each MOMENT to the max.

Missie said...

I would have started crying had that been my dad squeezing my hand!

I'm glad he continues to improve.

Congrats on your evaluation!

Have a good hump day tomorrow.