Friday, July 12, 2013

A Birthday and a Victory

July 8th was my birthday. Usually my birthday is a huge disappointment to me. This year I am still receiving belated wishes and gifts! Got a record number of cards (some with $ in them), gift cards and chocolate dipped strawberries just this week. I was spoiled. My husband went a bit light this year as we are still paying off thousands in medical bills. I got a bluetooth for my phone. My aunt sent me money and on my big day I got a manicure and a pedicure. I was going to go out for a lunch of ice cream but the girl took a nail clipper and clipped my toe itself. Lots of blood and my surgeon told me NO more pedicures because and yes I quote "to them  you're just another toe. They don't know your medical issues or history." Oh damn, I am special, aren't I? lol I got a delicous cake but honestly my stomach is still not behaving itself. I have to eat much less than usual and be careful of what I eat. I can no longer touch milk and am now using almond or coconut milk instead. I have to eat a lot of protein so I use Kashi for breakfast cereal and nuts for snacks.
I'm getting there....even though it was slow. My wound is nearly healed and I expect to be released from the care of the wound clinic this coming Tuesday. Woot!!!!! Freeeeeedommmmmm!!!!
No more four days a week devoted to treating the wound. Because it took so long to heal, and continues to heal inside, I have some pain. It's not frequent and it's not severe. It does interfere with my sleeping. I am a stomach sleeper. Haven't been able to be on my stomach in over six months! It woulds till hurt too much so I have to sleep on my back or left side with a pillow under me. I keep waking up as I try to roll onto my stomach.

We got some new neighbors. To the left of us we have had three neighbors in ten years. The first couple had two young girls which we were so fond of. They left and a police officer and his wife and their three kids moved in. They moved about a month ago and now we have a young couple who've only been married two years. They were the sweetest couple and he's one of the nicest people I've ever met. They have two rescue dogs and Duffy is in love with one of them. We are invited to their house warming on Sunday. Sweet.

It's so humid here. Been very hot too. I don't do much right now but I am slowly recovering my momentum. I hope and pray this is the last of my surgeries.