Thursday, September 28, 2006

The waiting is the hardest part.........

Tom Petty you had that right. I hate waiting. Patience may be a virtue but it is not one that I have. Today I have been waiting and forcing my attentions elsewhere. My sister found out in June that she had a tumor in her pancreas. She asked us not to tell anyone. She was supposed to have it removed August 31. She postponed it until today. Thing is, that today they are trying to remove it without cutting her abdomen open. They are not sure until they try if it can be done. If not, she will have the traditional type surgery at a future date. The pathology will be determined when it is removed. Until then, there remains a cloud of uncertainty.

I took my first test on Tuesday night and scored an 85. What was troubling was that I had changed two answers from the correct to the wrong choices or I would have had an 89. Damn second guessing. I won't make that mistake again. I did a five chapter review this afternoon and next week I think will be our midterm. As long as you pass the final exam you are eligible to take the test for the state licensing. If you fail it, you are eligible to retake it as many times as necessary for up to ONE year. (At a small fee of $60 each test). If you have not passed it by then you are required to take the course again, and yes this does happen to some people. I think they give up after a few tries and then decide to try again later. We have a few of repeaters in our class.

I got an interesting phone call today from the college bookstore. My book ordered for the first class in early September has now arrived. I advised them that I had to order one from online when I was four chapters behind. They only expected less than thirty people to take this course and over sixty signed up. I guess most had to rely on Barnes and Noble as did I.

I am enjoying this course. I have a tight schedule with working and taking this couse but I know it's for a short period of time. It's a good diversion from worrying as well. Back to the books..........

Saturday, September 23, 2006

William Butler Yeats

(Cannot get this poem out of my mind:)

W.B. Yeats (1865–1939). Responsibilities and Other Poems. 1916.

53. The Young Man’s Song

I WHISPERED, ‘I am too young,’

And then, ‘I am old enough’;

Wherefore I threw a penny

To find out if I might love.

‘Go and love, go and love, young man,

If the lady be young and fair,’

Ah, penny, brown penny, brown penny,

I am looped in the loops of her hair.

Oh, love is the crooked thing,

There is nobody wise enough

To find out all that is in it,

For he would be thinking of love

Till the stars had run away,

And the shadows eaten the moon.

Ah, penny, brown penny, brown penny,

One cannot begin it too soon.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The complete lack of discipline

Today I relapsed. To my online addiction......reading message boards and looking through the many websites in my favorites. Where did the hours go? It's now 1 p.m. and although I did have two length phone conversations with friends, I have done little more than find time to woof a hot dog down for lunch. Yes, sadly, I am still in my p.j.s......the ones with the flip flops on them. I haven't had a day like this in so long......and it feels good.

I must pull myself together in the next half hour and go downstairs and hit the book. Yes, just one. Still, it is heavy material. I must get dressed. I must give the pets some attention. I must wash my face and put on some make up. I am trying to get myself into some good routines. I used to wear make up for many years. Then, when I was out of work and home recovering from surgery I stopped. Recently, someone gave me a Macy's gift certificate and I went in and treated myself to make up. They had an Estee Lauder giveaway where you spent $25 and got a huge bag of free stuff. I am now the proud owner of 3 lipsticks, 2 mascaras, 2 blushes and some eye shadows. I now NEED these things. I need to hide my flaws. At least cammo what I can.
I work with women who have such great makeup. Honestly, don't think I will ever be that good. They look professionally made up. I on the other hand can barely manage to get the basics on. I just don't think of it until the last second. It's almost humorous at how I go about this task. I am getting better.

Tonight it is my turn to drive. I am nervous about driving other people. New Jersey is nothing if not the law suit capital of the world. We have lawyers the way some states have plumbers.

My son lost his wallet over the weekend. Found out just how ridiculous laws can be. He needs a birth certificate to get another license. In the move five years ago, one of us put it somewhere where it cannot be found. When I attempted to get another one I found out that he would need a copy of his LICENSE to apply for it. Can we say Catch 22? New Jersey offers a six point ID system. Most things are only one point such as a utility bill, ss card, bank statement, while a birth certificate is four points. You know the one you can't get without the license with the photo. Military discharge papers are worth two. He will have to go with his military discharge papers and FOUR other one point items and hope they are all accepted. ONCE he has the license, we can send a copy of it along with his forms to get an original birth certificate. That will be put in a vault and hermetically sealed. From now on I plan to keep my driver's license in my bra, the only place it will be truly secure. Apparently, it has become my most important document now. After all, when I went to get it I had to produce a NEW birth certificate with the state seal (original which had been good for fifty years was now rejected), my mariage certificate to my first husband, divorce papers from my first husband, marriage certificate to current (aka good) husband, and my vehicle registration. Oddly, I was not required to bring my firstborn for this transaction to use as a bargaining tool.

I understand that this is the fallout from 9/11. Are government officials really preventing terrorists though? OR are they inconveniencing people like me, who lose time off of work (and pay) to navigate through this system? I honestly don't think anyone who is willing to give up their life for their fanatical beliefs will care if they have a VALID driver's license. Chances are they will drive without one or use a fake. Most people who want one can find someone in New York City to buy one from. Most underage high school kids know how to obtain one. Seriously, this is absurd.

Now........time to get going. Have a good one.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Putting on my college student uniform

Tonight I have another class.......I should be leaving in a few minutes but find myself mysteriously here still on the computer.

I mentioned my new desk. It has a phone on it with my own extension. Best of all it has a spanking brand new Dell computer with a killer flat screen large monitor. Oh how I love that monitor. Wish I had one just like it at home. I have a large monitor but the glare is hard on my eyes. (I have glaucoma which thankfully is controlled by eyedrops.) I also have the wonderful sunflower calendar my darling gave me at Christmas for my work area (which then was non specific). I am really happy now to have all the comforts of a real work area.

Tonight I go to school. My lovely coworker and classmate is giving me a lift. She only lives a few miles from me. We have different bosses, she works as an assistant to one man while I am an assistant to the current owner and staff support as well. There are days I really enjoy my job.
Yesterday I worked until 4 and got a phone call when I got home. I had forgotten my cardiologist appointment yesterday. (Actually I had blocked the day square with a party invitation for this Sunday.) Oops! On the other hand I think it's wonderful that instead of worrying about my health I am moving forward with my life and let it slip my mind. Other than being tired because I just don't get enough sleep, I am feeling pretty good. Well, it's not like I'm that old......I mean I am a college student ........ of sorts.

Did anyone notice my lovely pink clock? Courtesy of Jennifer aka Xzasporated1? Gotta love it.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


I am actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow. First time in a long time that I feel that way. There was a bit of tension but the owner of the company whom I have known for nearly thirty years has put that to rest. Honestly, she is a negotiator of the highest degree. She is able to see through the motives of people and see both the good and bad qualities in others. She tactfully handles difficult situations and with the patience of all involved, gets everyone back on course. The tension has been laid to rest and a few small changes have been made that I think will make all happy. Until recently, desk space was at a premium. I didn't have my own desk but kind of used whatever space was available. There were limited computers and at times I got bumped from the one I was using because I am support staff and have to accomodate the important people there. It was tough at times. Imagine if you weren't feeling your best and had to wonder about looking for a place to be. This week the person who had my desk in the reception area was placed in a quieter area which she had wanted and I finally have a desk. This is no small feat and I was thrilled. On Friday to make things even better a computer arrived, a brand new Dell with a giant flat screen monitor. I almost cried with joy! There is a weekend person who will use the desk and computer at times but that's ok, I have a space when I am there. I even have a desk to leave my purse in. I feel like I am a real employee. This past weekend was my weekend off and Rob had to work on Saturday. That seems to happen from time to time. When he got home we went to IHOP for a bite to eat. We accomplished a lot then and today. We managed to get to the toy store and buy our Godchild his birthday presents. He is a huge fan of Spiderman and all things must include this. In fact, he prefers to be called Spiderman. Our Godchild has some problems. They are trying to label him AHDH. I hate labels and often I feel that our society is too quick to want to label and medicate children. He does have a short attention span but I don't think his parents use much discipline on him. To be honest, I think he outsmarts them at every turn. I wish we lived closer to him and could take him for a few days at a time. In any event, he will love his indoor Spiderman tent we got him. I also got him a small Spiderman water cooler. (NOTE: I am not able to hit enter twice to form new paragraphs for some reason. When it seems I am not making new paragraphs this is why!) When I try to space down, I get these weird words that drop down to the new line. Anyone know how to fix this? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am tired. Been up both weekend mornings at 7. One downside to our fur boys is their early wakenings. Still.......I just couldn't see myself without them. Thinking of Connie tonight. I so wish I could show up at her door (of course with Jennifer in tow!) I just know some great DVDS and a weekend of popcorn and a few Cosmos and a keg..........would go a long way to boosting her spirits. When friends hurt, we hurt with them. I just feel that often when it seems the darkest, is when things suddenly turn around for us. Just when I thought my life couldn't get any darker, I made a knot in my rope and I hung on and suddenly it got really great. Oh Connie, I just have to believe that the best is yet to come for you. Just know that your friends truly care.....and always will.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

This and That

My first day at school was interesting to say the least. I arrived an hour and a half early so that I could enter the classroom with my book in hand. I promptly learned that the bookstore was no longer where it had been but was now across the campus. I arrived there and gone were the wonderful gifts that they used to carry. Gone also was all the help that I had received so many years ago. The new bookstore required you to find your books on your own. Problem being that mine wasn't listed under a subject sign. I finally found someone who worked there and she pointed me in the right direction. Twenty minutes later I learned they were sold out of the book I needed. I then inquired what to do. I was told to fill out a form, get in line (that long line that wrapped around the aisles) and prepay for the book which was slated to arrive sometime Thursday. I then walked the entire campus back to the building my class was to be in. The instructor came in and you could see she was a bit troubled. Someone asked her and she said that earlier in the day her husband had been moved to a hospice. She quickly went into her professional mode and I was both stunned and impressed. I told her about my book situation. She told me that I was already supposed to have read and digested four chapters and there was going to be a pop quiz. Uh oh. Fortunately, I knew about 50% of the answers and she said I didn't really have to take the quiz but advised me to find the book elsewhere and quickly. A woman I knew turned to me and told me she had obtained two books. Her online order hadn't arrived and she bought one from the bookstore, only to have her other book arrive the following day. I met her the following morning and paid her for her book. Today I was able to read the four chapters. Our class was cancelled for this evening "due to illness in the instructor's family" and I am thinking of this fine woman and what she must be going through.

After reading the book and doing the exercises for each chapter I began to get ready for court. Today was the long awaited hearing for my neighbor. The cantankerous neighbor had signed a complaint against him for burning a chiminea, claiming it was a nuisance and bringing smoke into the house. We don't believe this is his real reason. He told another neighbor that he didn't care for the smell of smoke. Ken, our neighbor who was the defendant, had all the other neighbors come to court as his witnessed. I was psyched. Eager to get this over with once and for all. Should have known better. The complaintant decided last minute to drop the charges BUT without prejudice so he can refile them at will. Now this is getting absurd. I have missed work twice, as well as other neighbors. I think the complainer thinks we're playing a game and we will grow so tired of it that we will stop coming to court. He has no clue how stubborn I am........OR
how much I will support anyone I see as being victimized. I feel very strongly about this issue. In our town there is NO ordinance against using a chiminea. It is being used in a lawful and safe manor. This homeowner is being harassed every time he lights it because someone else does not want it lit. I am all about legal rights. Even ones that I don't care to exercise personally. I wanted my day in court and to tell the judge just that. In New Jersey part of your real estate is owning the air rights above the property. Ken has a right to fill the air above his property with smoke if he choses. The neighbor can close his windows (he has central air and they are usually closed anyway).

Thank you Jennifer for the lovely new links in my sidebar. Anyone who wants to be notified of entries, please sign up!

Tomorrow night a neighborhood celebration will take place. Chiminea will be lit. Beers all around. Toasting of hot dogs optional. Smiles and good times mandatory. I'll be wearing my college hoodie......or not. Despite a few rotten apples, I love this neighborhood. Relax Ken, we've got your back.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Taking a risk.........

I think I was bought up to fear things. Not from my Dad who was in the Navy and travelled the world but from my Mom who has never flown on a plane. She is terrified of lightning and what the neighbors might think. Imagine having to live your life in such a way. I just couldn't and as a teen I became somewhat rebellious and thought I would have a much different life. Sadly, because I married a controlling person, I ended up being a stay at home Mom. Not that my spouse wanted me home, he expected me to work. Thirty years ago there was no child care. I lived rurally and there was no place for my son to be. Besides, I felt responsible for his upbringing and had no education, so the only jobs I could get were low paying. When my son was in high school I began college. I went for three years before his illness forced me to stop. I never went back. I don't have the means to go back now. I did take a computer course over a year ago and have been working part time. I have decided for the next three months to take a course which will be two three hour evenings per week. I am going to try to get a real estate license. This will allow me to generate a lot more income. I already have some knowledge from working in a real estate office. It will be hectic for the next three months. I will miss having dinner two nights a week with Rob. Still, if I can find a way to earn more money he will profit from that as well. I have to go early this evening and purchase the book I will need. I haven't been on a college campus in fifteen years. This should be interesting. Unfortuately, me in a college book store is a dangerous thing. I love school supplies. Here I come spiral bound notebooks ..................

Monday, September 11, 2006


Today I began to read all the tributes in the journals to the victims. Two stories touched me deeply.......the man whose wife took her on life a month later and that of a wee eight year old girl, Zoe, who lost her life. They are all such huge losses. I am emotionally drained tonight. Tonight I pray for all the loved ones of these victims. I pray that they will find some sort of peace. I pray that they will find comfort in knowing that so many others care. I pray for world peace.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Thoughts on September........

Although Fall is my very favorite season, September is a very emotionally charged month for me. On Sept. 4th, 1990 my son was diagnosed with leukemia. In the next few days we learned that his prognosis was really grim. Those were some painful days. During this time, the children were returning to school My son would not attend that entire year, his junior year. He was able to attend a few special functions but they were few and far between. To this day when I see the first school buses of the new year I get overwhelmed with emotion. I know that there are many sick children who won't be attending. I know there are children who will never again return to school or lead normal lifes. Somedays I wish I could return to the innocent days before it was made painfully real to me that children get sick and sometimes die. I never can though and all I can do is appreciate that my son was restored to good health and leads a physically normal life today. Of all things in my life, I am perhaps most grateful for that. To those of you reading this if all you have to be grateful for is your healthy child, that is something that money cannot buy and something many people do not have. You are blessed..........................................................Tomorrow is also the anniversary, fifth of another day that is emotionally charged for me. To those of you who read my other journal you know what that day was like for me. I worked for a Fortune 500 company that had insurance for most of the victims of the World Trade Towers and the firemen of New York City. I was driving to work when I heard the news. I continued on to work, prepared to sign onto the phone lines when a woman from the next cubicle began to scream hysterically. Her sister was one of the victims that day. We were quickly told to go home as we were in a pentagon type building and they were afraid that perhaps other important company buildings might be attacked. I was on the fifth floor and began to feel anxious. As I went to leave I desperately tried to get my darling Rob on the phone. All phone lines were jammed, regular and cel phone lines. I debated whether to drive to where he worked but instead raced home. I never could get a hold of him and he arrived home hours later. I spent the next few weeks answering calls from widows who wanted to inform me that their husbands were no longer alive. These calls were so heart wrenching. WE had to hit the mute button and choke back tears as we talked to these family members. That day I realized that our company was not attack proof as I had always believed. I also realized what it meant to see Americans pull together. In our development I heard many stories of people in the streets and cooking food for others who were in shock. We didn't move to this development until the following May. One guy across the street lost his business as a result. He had a flag pole erected. Tomorrow he will be flying a special flag that has the names of the victims forming the stripes. I will never think of 9/11 and not choke up. Never. I am so glad that some of the bloggers will be doing entries on the victims. They deserve to be the ones receiving the attention. I pray that tomorrow the families will get through it. My next door neighbor's boss lost her son. Like most other families, she will never be the same. Tomorrow I can only fly my flag as a small tribute and say once again to the brave (including an Episcapalan minister I recently met who is dying of lung cancer.....she was at Ground Zero consecrating bodies and this was no doubt a result of her exposure) THANK YOU. God bless America, the land of the free and truly, the home of the brave.

Always Surprising.........

I'm feeling very pensive today. I just read a rather shocking email from a high school friend. First an introduction to the friendship.......over my junior year summer vacation I got married. I did this the day after I was 17. The following Fall I was living in an apt. in a nearby town while attending the high school I had attended previously. One of my nosy teachers interrogated me one day and then reported to the office that I should not be in that school. I was promptly forced to either pay tuition of thousands of dollars or change schools. I changed schools and the first day there I met my friend whose name sounded so much like Bon Bon Sherbert that became my nickname for her. This poor girl had lost her Dad many years earlier and her Mom was dying of cancer when we met. She was being raised by her grandfather, a man who was not known for his warmth, although to be fair he saw that his two granddaughters were taken care of. Right after her Mom died she was able to get a driver's permit and I decided to teach her to drive. Let me tell you, I was not the greatest driver back then. Still, she was able to get her license. She became engaged and began to plan her wedding to her high school sweetheart. She asked me to be her matron of honor, and I began to be a surrogate mother of sorts to her. She didn't know how to plan a wedding and I helped, while letting her do her own thing. It was bittersweet to see someone only 18 without a living parent at their wedding. The newlyweds rented an apartment in our same complex and we saw quite a bit of each other then. One day I bought a house and she was afraid to drive to see it. Over the next few years I had a son, shortly after, she had a daughter and then a son. We saw each other rarely over the next few years. I noticed that other than with her only sister or their mutual friends, she didn't seem to have much of a family life or social life with her husband. When I went there he was a recluse hiding out in either their bedroom or a computer room later. I was frustrated at times that she chose to stay with him. She had been such a vibrant and fun person and now she seemed to just be hanging on. Today after over thirty years of marriage she wrote and told me he left her. What I wanted to write back and say was that he actually left her about twenty years ago. To be honest I am happy that at last she can move on with her life. I told her that I have been through a divorce and will be happy to be a listening ear for her. I also told her to begin to live and have fun again. Damn a man who does this. On the other hand, I just wish he had done it long ago. I wish women, and men, who lived like this would realize that it's NOT a real relationship and that they should either make it work or let it go. Investing decades into something that is bankrupt just seems so futile. Having said that, I was guilty of that myself. I always tried to find the silver lining. I always hoped one day I would do something that would be a catalyst for my ex to change. He never got it and he still doesn't. I accept that he never will. I can't say that he's a bad person. He just is what he is and he is not what he is not.

If I could have access to every person standing at the threshold of a new relationship I would so want to give them this advice: find someone you like as they are. You will never change them and they will never change you. Find someone who has the qualities that you want or need. No one is perfect and during their mistakes, accept that they are imperfect as you are.
Most importantly, if the relationship is a mistake, recognize it and either get on the same page to make things work or gently, without inflicting unnecessary pain upon the other, let go.

I wish you luck my friend and it's my earnest hope that the best is yet to come for you.
We're never too old to start over and do it right the next time.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Borrowed from Angel's Journal

You can only type 2 less.
1. yourself: talkative and thoughtful
2. your husband: kind and caring
3. your hair: long and black
4. your mother: introverted and fearful
5. your father: outspoken and stubborn
6. your favorite item: my bed
7. your dream last night: my son being sick
8. your favorite drink: Cosmopolitan
9. your car: Camry
10. the room you are in: computer rumpus room
11. your ex boyfriend/girlfriend: deceased, remembered
12. your fear: illnesses (mine or my son's)
13. where you want to be in 10 years: alive, healthy
14. what you're not: pretentious
15. your best friends: loved dearly
16. one of your wish list items: new car for hubby
17. the last thing you did: put on pjs
18. what are you wearing: p.j.s (flip flops on bottoms)
19. your favorite weather: warm, autumn
20. your favorite zoo animals? penguins,monkeys
21. your thought for the day? accomplish what needs doing
22. your favorite book: The Prophet
23. last thing you ate: pb & j sandwich
24. your life: unpredictable, stressful
25. your mood: peaceful and tired
26. your body: learning more and more to relax and just be
27. what are you thinking about right now: reading emails and journals
28. your crush: only my significant other
29. what are you doing at the moment:
reading, typing
30. your summer schedule: hectic and fleeting

Thursday, September 07, 2006

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood............

Yesterday was a difficult day. My next door neighbor who had been so wonderful left for Florida. She came over to say goodbye and we cried, hugged, cried and hugged some more. I have owned three houses and lived in an apartment many years ago. I have had many neighbors over the years but none have compared to this neighbor and her husband. When Rob and I arrived here, the development was nearly two years old. We were the first resale and our home had only been occupied for nine months by the previous owner. She hadn't really made many friends here except for the only single man across the street and the husband of her friend which eventually ended their friendship. She was eager to go and they were eager to see her leave. When we moved in many friendships were already solidly in place. It's tough to be the new kid on the block no matter what your age is. When I drove up one day my neighbor Jen came up, extended her hand and welcomed me. She was the only person who did. Over the years these neighbors were a Godsend. They offered to help us put up our chainlink fence and match it to theirs. There wasn't a time where they didn't see Rob doing something that they didn't offer assistance. When I had my open heart surgery I had only ONE delivery from a florist and it was from them. I arrived home three weeks later to a house filled with floral arrangements, but it was the one in the hospital that truly lifted my spirits. I have other neighbors here that I have formed bonds with. I have a few houses I can walk to and know I am welcome but no neighbor can take the place of Jen. Now I'm crying again. Damn.

My other neighbor, Ms. Cantankerous is out there working on her fence again. I didn't want her to have a six foot high fence which was against the code. She got a variance by making false statements. She is now putting up said fence by herself, with the aid of her adolescent son.
The fence doesn't look very secure to me. It's only five feet from my shed. The shed I had built that cost me nearly two thousand dollars. She is also putting her fence on a conservation easement. Why our town gave her the variance is beyond me. I guess the squeaky wheel got the grease. I try not to think about it. I just hope if her fence does damage to my property I am able to document it and recover the costs.

It's sunny and lovely today. A nice breeze. I woke up at 6 a.m. Jumped out of bed and began to bake. I sent my husband off to work with fresh brownies. I have a cookie jar full of oatmeal cookies I made. I need to run to the store and do some shopping. I work this Saturday which means today is my Saturday in terms of errands. I really hate working Saturdays. I hate giving up any time with Rob. Have I mentioned lately how much he means to me? He's my inspiration to believe that there are good people still in this world. He inspires my faith because I believe that God sent him to me to help me get through all the tough times. I know that I could survive on my own but I'm glad that I don't have to. I think if everyone had someone to love, someone who loved them the world would be a better place.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Hurricane Season and a Lazy Weekend

Well, hurricane season is amongst us here on the Eastern shore. We are feeling the remnants, and thankfully not the eye of the hurricane. I have been thinking a lot today about my neighbors who are heading to Florida on Wednesday. No place I would ever want to live between the high temperatures and the hurricanes and I won't even address the bugs. Whew! We had thought we would be driving to Pennsylvania to have dinner with our good friends but it's just too nasty and windy out there. My rear tires need replacing and I just can't chance it.

On Aug. 31st Rob and I had a wonderful anniversary. When I had sold my old house I treated myself to a keyring from Tiffany's. I had always wanted something from Tiffany's and they do sell some silver things. They are a tad pricey but sorry, me being a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn's and the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's, I just had to have it. Several weeks ago I stopped at the supermarket on my way home from work. In a huge hurry I couldn't find it and drove home with my spares. Once home I realized I had lost it. It had a beautiful little silver heart on it that said "If lost return to Tiffany's and a registered number." I was really sad about losing it and resigned myself to the fact that it would not be replaced. Rob had worked overtime several hours last week and to my surprise, he had ordered a replacement and had it shipped to his work. I was elated. On top of that I got a bouguet of gerbera daisies, two beautiful cards and we were treated to a magnificent dinner out. It was at the 200 yr. old inn we had been married at. Rob had filet mignon and I had two huge crab cakes. The presentation is not to be believed and the food was simply fabulous. We even splurged for dessert and got "over the moon" chocolate cake. It even had the chocolate moon on top of the cake, along with a side of whipped cream. Oh my!

This weekend will be very rainy. We shared the workload and cleaned much of the house this morning. It's nice to have things shiny and bright again. Rob has purchased a pork loin that he will make for dinner with an apricot sauce. Sounds yummy.......
He is napping now. He was up for about four hours in the middle of the night. Rob is worried about his baby sister who will be seeing an oncologist on Sept. 6th. We think ultimately she will be fine but we know that with a six year old daughter, recovering from surgery is not easy. They removed a nerve from her throat and she has to learn to swallow without it. Not an easy thing. She had two tumors and one was cancerous. That word is so scary but the doctors got it all. It's very hard to be so far from a family member when they are going through an ordeal like this. I am so grateful at times like this for emails because we can email her daily and send her things to make her laugh. She has a great sense of humor. Rob and her have played many tricks on each other over the years like the time he nailed her shoes to the floor. (His Dad hadn't put the new wood floor down yet, luckily for Rob.) When Rob and I got married she and I danced by ourselves to demonstrate how to perform the gestures to a song "Green alligators and long necked geese, humpty back camels and chimpanzees.........", aka The Unicorn Song. She loves unicorns. Unicorns are magical, kind of like relationships we have with our siblings. Often it's a love/hate thing but you know when the chips are down, you expect your siblings to be there for you. Although we can't sit by her side right now, she is in our constant thoughts and prayers.
WE love you baby girl. :)