Friday, January 25, 2008


The beauty of working is being able to truly enjoy your time off. Partly because you have money and can do things that you wouldn't be able to without that paycheck. I love weekends.

This weekend is going to be fun. My mother's birthday is Sunday. Secret: I don't know how old she will be actually be, perhaps 75? 76? I just realized I do not know what year she was born.

I think she was 20 when my brother was born and he is 55 (my OLDER brother of course!) so that would mean she would be turning 76. My sister is coming to stay with me, from Albany.

Haven't seen her since Christmas and her birthday is Jan. 31st so we can celebrate that too.

My grandmother and aunt are coming from Maryland to celebrate, with a birthday luncheon at my mother's house tomorrow. I haven't done much prep as I have been slightly incapacitated.

Last week, early in the week, I stubbed my toe (and actually the top of my foot.) I was in pain for several days but managed to hobble to work each day. Fortunately, most of my day involves sitting at a desk. By week's end the pain had not stopped and I awoke about 3 a.m. early Sunday to find I was now in agony. Went to the E.R. on Sunday where they determined that my blood thinner was too high. They x rayed and even sonogramed my legs to be certain there was no blood clot. Final opinion was that I had a bleed into my foot. I left the hospital on crutches. I am still in pain, although not as severe. My doctor has decreased my blood thinner and taken away another drug that caused me to retain fluids, in case that was the cause. Once the blood is in there it takes weeks to totally be reabsorbed. In the meantime, there are no shoes that are truly comfortable. There are only two pairs I can manage to squeeze into.

Irregardless of the foot issue, woohoooooooo it is Friday and I will get to see loved ones that I don't see often. I have cause to celebrate. While I am still paying off bills that were piling up while I had no income last year, the end is in sight. Once again I can breath and relax.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Randomly thiking about things............

The morning passes so quickly but then the work day seems to go on and on............

Why are people so irresponsible? They order things that they cannot use and then are angry at employees who work for a company when they are not reimbursed for all shipping costs??? Do
they ever stop to think what it costs the companies they do this to? What happened to the world of my youth when we were taught to think before we acted and when we did something that didn't work to take responsibility for it.

Just saw the new movie ONCE now available on DVD. I had read a great review and then when a fellow journaler talked about it in her blog I had to run out and get it. I will watch it many more times I am sure. You simply MUST see it!

My 95 year old grandmother is coming for another visit next Friday. Although she is slowing down she is planning a birthday party for her daughter who turns 76. Amazing! I feel so very blessed to be in my fifties and still have one of my grandparents alive.

Haven't had a major snow storm this year. Even though we live in the Northeast no snow has "stuck" yet. Had a flurry yesterday that quickly melted. I guess this is proof of the global warming.

Pets are a lot of work. Although I wouldn't take anything for mine, I would love the luxury one day of sleeping past 7 a.m. without waking to a crying or whining. Why don't grandparents take pets for sleepovers?

Time to get ready for work. Although I am putting in such long hours right now and am exhausted much of the time there is not one day that I am not grateful to be getting a steady paycheck. It is a wonderful feeling to have the bills paid and some leftover. Credit card debt is going down each month and the end is in sight. The best feeling in the world is knowing that you did that for yourself.

I am eager to find/read the book Love, Eat and Pray (I think that is the title.)

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekends pass much too quickly

Hard to believe but another weekend is coming to an end. I didn't do much except for relax this weekend. Mondays I work at least two hours overtime. We are expecting a snowstorm early morning that I will be commuting in, fortunately work is only about ten miles each way. Our town does a good job of keeping our roads plowed so hopefully it will go well. We moved at work and our new location is near an entire wall of huge picture windows. I love it. Natural light much of the day. I continue to learn new things about my job making it easier. If I get really good at what I do the bonuses from the company are very generous. It is wonderful to be able to do things now that I could not afford to do for the past several years. I am pretty conservative when it comes to money and am paying off bills and whatever is left is going toward principle of a loan. Feeling good now that I have overcome many difficulties and am where I need to be. It is a long day for me. I wish it were a bit shorter but I am so grateful to have a good job amongst other blessings. I know another weekend will be here before I know it.