Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekends pass much too quickly

Hard to believe but another weekend is coming to an end. I didn't do much except for relax this weekend. Mondays I work at least two hours overtime. We are expecting a snowstorm early morning that I will be commuting in, fortunately work is only about ten miles each way. Our town does a good job of keeping our roads plowed so hopefully it will go well. We moved at work and our new location is near an entire wall of huge picture windows. I love it. Natural light much of the day. I continue to learn new things about my job making it easier. If I get really good at what I do the bonuses from the company are very generous. It is wonderful to be able to do things now that I could not afford to do for the past several years. I am pretty conservative when it comes to money and am paying off bills and whatever is left is going toward principle of a loan. Feeling good now that I have overcome many difficulties and am where I need to be. It is a long day for me. I wish it were a bit shorter but I am so grateful to have a good job amongst other blessings. I know another weekend will be here before I know it.

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