Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Bit Tired

The past few months I had really been tired.....I mean so tired that when you wake up in the morning after sleeping 8 hours you think "How can I possibly still feel tired?" Everything took a lot of effort. I finally had the blood work done my cardiologist had requested several months ago and I found the source. I am very anemic. Usually my blood is about 13 (the scale goes up to 16). I have been at 8 for several months. They started me on a regimen of super duper iron pills. I take them for 30 days and have a repeat blood test done. If it's not better then I will have to go to a hemotologist for IVs of iron. Sounds like fun. You go for weeks and each treatment takes over an hour. I have been so tired that I would glady do this to feel better.

The weather here has been so crazy. They have predicted snow several times and then it basically snows an inch or two and the weather warms and it melts almost immediately. I wanted one good snow this year. It may still come.

I have been spending a lot of time on my ancestry work. I have made contact with two more family members this week. Most of them are in the Alabama/Florida area as I am working on my father's side of the family. One of the  more colorful characters I have met is Joe. He is my grandmother's brother's son. His Dad was shot and killed when he was just a year and a half old. His brother was three. His mother was only 24 at the time and kind of fell apart. Joe spent years in an orphanage until his mother came back for him. He is so loveable and my heart just breaks for the poor guy. He had three children, one son died and the other son contacts him a couple times a year. He was married a second time and had a daughter but when she was quite little his wife ran off and changed the girl's name it seems. I did a lot of searching on the computer and can't find a trace of her. Now his brother died and he is pretty much alone. I have been calling him once a week just to let him know someone cares. He seems so appreciative of that. It's good to connect with family, even distant members far away. It's what I've needed right now.