Friday, January 18, 2008

Randomly thiking about things............

The morning passes so quickly but then the work day seems to go on and on............

Why are people so irresponsible? They order things that they cannot use and then are angry at employees who work for a company when they are not reimbursed for all shipping costs??? Do
they ever stop to think what it costs the companies they do this to? What happened to the world of my youth when we were taught to think before we acted and when we did something that didn't work to take responsibility for it.

Just saw the new movie ONCE now available on DVD. I had read a great review and then when a fellow journaler talked about it in her blog I had to run out and get it. I will watch it many more times I am sure. You simply MUST see it!

My 95 year old grandmother is coming for another visit next Friday. Although she is slowing down she is planning a birthday party for her daughter who turns 76. Amazing! I feel so very blessed to be in my fifties and still have one of my grandparents alive.

Haven't had a major snow storm this year. Even though we live in the Northeast no snow has "stuck" yet. Had a flurry yesterday that quickly melted. I guess this is proof of the global warming.

Pets are a lot of work. Although I wouldn't take anything for mine, I would love the luxury one day of sleeping past 7 a.m. without waking to a crying or whining. Why don't grandparents take pets for sleepovers?

Time to get ready for work. Although I am putting in such long hours right now and am exhausted much of the time there is not one day that I am not grateful to be getting a steady paycheck. It is a wonderful feeling to have the bills paid and some leftover. Credit card debt is going down each month and the end is in sight. The best feeling in the world is knowing that you did that for yourself.

I am eager to find/read the book Love, Eat and Pray (I think that is the title.)

Have a great weekend!

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