Saturday, June 06, 2009

My Saturday Mantra: Serenity Now!

It has been a long and difficult week. The social worker at the rehab feels that my sister and I should bring my mother to certain realizations that my mother cannot, or refuses, to face. My aunt has said that I should not be put in this situation. At this point when I told my mother she got furious and hung up on me, that was Thursday night and I have not heard from her since. I have spoken with two of my brothers who have basically said to let her do what she wants. They point out it is her decision. Yes, it is and I know that but if she does not comply without the social worker's suggestions she is going to alert authorities and there will be more complications to deal with. My mother has never made important decisions, my father always made them. I pointed that out to him the last time they redid their wills that she had never handled money. I am convinced he thought he would outlive her and that he would never be at the mercy of her making decisions like this for him. I don't want to keep beating this subject to death. Unfortunately, it is at the forefront of my thoughts.
As though that were not enough, took my car to the dealer for an oil change. Once there they advised me that my water pump in my 2 year old car was leaking. It is covered under warranty but now my car will be in the shop all morning and that meant a ride home and a ride back to get it. I know I should probably be grateful it's under warranty.

A few entries ago I stated that I was only allowed four absences a work. YES, that is for everything except; grievance days approved, emergency room care or previously approved days off. For someone like me with health issues, that is going to be very tough. The previous policy was a day off per MONTH. If you have a doctor's note three consecutive days off for one illness would count as one. I find if I am not sick enough to stay in bed all day then I am going to work. I have gone with a bad headache, stomach ache or intestinal distress. On Friday a coworker told me he had gone to a doctor Thursday night and tested positive for strep. You are contagious for 24 hours when first on antibiotics but he wasn't willing to take the day off. (I was probably exposed the previous day as well come to think of it. ) I am praying I don't get it. Policies that are so rigid often mean people who are sick are at work getting coworkers sick. I cannot afford to be sick.
I have plenty to do today. There is always so much to do on weekends. I am committed to finding time for myself. Something I have not done in far too long. I am on overload and I need to have some time to read and relax. Wish me luck.


Sonya said...

Oh I know you are in a dilemma about your Mom. It is so hard when everyone has a different opinion and of course the elderly do not want to face the fact that their living arrangements have to change. They do not like it or want it at all.

We have a points system at work. Sounds like it is much more lenient! Our employees should quit complaining. Each absence is 4 points. They are written up when reaching levels of 16 points and 26 points and suspended at 30 and termed at 36. Of course 1/2 day missed is 2 points. Late is 1 or 2 points depended how late.

Well, hope you have a good Saturday evening. REst and Relax if possible.

Ronni Gordon said...

Hope you find some time this weekend. You sure have a lot going on. By the way I hate it when people come to work sick like your co-worker did. But with such illogical, rigid policies I guess sometimes people don't have a choice. Just gets other people sick!