Sunday, June 21, 2009

The weekend flew by

The weekend just flew by and I am exhausted. Work tomorrow too.
Dad came home in the ambulance and was immediately placed into his new wheelchair. He seemed to like that he had a much nicer one than the rehab had let him use. It reclines and everything. When I first asked him if he was glad to be home he quietly said "Maybe". These are the things that are so difficult. Seeing a man who was a Navy rescue diver and afraid of nothing now fearful of a change of where he will sleep. He seemed not to recognize many things around the house. Granted some changes were made to accomodate him. When upset he makes this noise which is similar to crying but he is not crying. It is so hard to hear. When he gets tired he is very difficult to deal with. We managed though. It's like you have a young child with almost no speech. He sometimes just laughs at nothing and cannot understand why we are not laughing with him. Often I find it is just easier to laugh along. He is situated in his new room, formerly the living room of the apartment attached to their house. This apartment has it's own deck which we took him out on today. Beautiful breeze once it stopped raining. We got him a Father's Day cake and he had to have a slice pureed but he enjoyed it. All things considered, we had a nice day. He was pooped out and was in bed asleep by 7. He did spend some time with his youngest son and his two other sons wished him a Happy Father's Day over the phone. My sister and I had the priviledge of spending most of his waking day with him. My husband spent several of those hours with him, as did my son.
Well time for bed and hopefully a peaceful night's sleep. Thank you all who have prayed for Dad and for us. We had a memorable day, and it felt like such a gift.


jennifer said...

Nelle, I'm keeping your dad in my prayers, but you are at the top of the list. What you're going through is rough, so remember that you have many people sending you supportive wishes. (((Nelle)))

Missie said...

I'm glad your dad was home to celebrate Father's day. I'm sure this year meant a lot to him.

Ronni Gordon said...

That is such hard stuff you're going through. Glad your dad got home and that everything went as well as can be expected. I hope you have a peaceful weekend. The deck sounds nice.