Thursday, June 25, 2009

So very tired

I have been going to work so tired. Then I drink coffee to compensate, elivating my blood pressure. Then I have been having some carbs to boost my energy which backfires and I feel crummy. I have to stop all this. I have been trying to go see my Dad every night. After working (I have gotten stuck twice at work this week, getting home almost an hour later than usual) all day I am pooped. While I may not want to admit it, I am a bit old to be working full time then trying to fit something else in at the evening. I know my mother (and currently my sister) are eager to have me stop by. Thing is, they can nap during the day. I can't. Work is very stressful at times. My company is letting a lot of people go. I have to be on my best at all times. My legs have been swelling from fluid and heat.
I need to be going to bed earlier and getting a full nights sleep. Haven't done that in over a week.
Dad seems to be adjusting okay to being home. He gave them some problems yesterday and they sat down and had a long talk with him. They told him that if does not cooperate he might have to return to the rehab center/nursing home. The place is VERY nice but my father was very upset when he learned how expensive it is. You could live in a very nice hotel for that price. He has agreed to try to cooperate. He is 185 p0unds of almost dead weight. To move him is very difficult and my mother is paying someone to come three times a day. He is a wonderful young man but his agency charges a lot. You cannot care for someone who is this disabled for less than thousands a month, even at home.
I think my bed is calling me. I am so very tired and thankful that tomorrow is Friday. I need a few days off. Hubby is working Saturday which will leave me more time to spend with Mom, Dad and sis. He'll be making overtime and I am hoping to pay an early car payment once in awhile when he has overtime. I was told that my "disability" insurance company who was going to make the car payments cancelled my policy. They refunded the money to the car financing company. This was based on information one of the doctor's sent. Oh joy.


Missie said...

Sounds to me like you need some "me" time.

Take the weekend off from everyone else and spend the time catching up on sleep and relaxing.

Have a good weekend.

Ronni Gordon said...

Stupid insurance company!

Hope you have gotten some time for yourself this weekend.