Saturday, June 20, 2009

D DAY (as in bringing Dad home day)

In one hour an ambulance will arrive at the rehab and take my father home. It will hopefully be his last ambulance ride. While the ramp was put on the house (actually the initial one was too steep and another contractor reworked it), the sidewalk has still not been poured. It's raining, rained most of the week which meant that was a no go.

When we told my father he was coming home today he seemed VERY unhappy. We asked him "Don't you WANT to come home?" This was all he talked about the first week there. He damanded we take him home immediately back then. "NO!" The social worker and medical staff tell us sometimes they get attached to where they are and do not want any change. My mother promised him if he is not content to be home, we will bring him back there. "OK." He refused to let me kiss him goodnight last night. He was mad. I asked him if we had gotten on his nerves (my mother, sister and I) "YES" and he affirmed that he wanted us to go home. It's really hard to have him be angry at times.
I will be going over there and seeing how he is doing about two o'clock. Wish me luck.

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Ronni Gordon said...

Hope your visit with your father went well. It's sure tough, but having read your previous post, I know you have the gift of being able to see things in perspective.