Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Not such a bad day

Today I was pretending it was Wednesday since I have Friday off. At work I had some training (I am happy to work for a company who does provide us with a lot of training when changes are made) and then had to meet with my boss for a career plan. He really surprised me with a nice comment about how patient I am with customers. That made my day. It was pouring out when I left work and I called my mother and told her I would stop by on my way home from work. (Last night I came home first and two different neighbors came over and I was so tired and never made it over there.) When I got there my sister had made delicious reubens for us all (a somewhat healthy version with low fat meat and a healthy homemade faux Russian dressing). Dad of course has only pureed food and his caretaker was with him. As soon as we were done he began to scream. He is having frequent muscle spasms in his legs. It was terrible. At first he allowed us to massage them then didn't want them touched. I crushed up an extra strength Tylenol which he managed to get down in some pudding. He was utterly miserable saying things which we struggled to understand. We asked if he wanted to go to bed because it was 7 and he said "Yes" so he was ever so carefully placed in bed. His bad arm was so painful that his gentle giant of a caregiver, Bryant, suggested we leave his T shirt on him. Don't know what we would all do without Bryant. He is huge, like a football player. He is a gentle man in his early twenties. He is patient and kind. We hired him through a service and I'm sure he doesn't get the twenty dollars an hour my mother is paying. He is worth every penny. Had some quiet time with my sister to chat. Something is going on in Albany which will allow her to stay a few more days. She is taking care of everything for my mother. Since I cannot get that kind of time off I am so relieved and grateful that she can. She is attentive to all of my father's needs. My mother feels she is spoiling him but I don't think you can ever spoil someone in this situation. I just hope we can find a way to deal with some of his muscle spasms. A physical therapist is coming, nurses etc. He sees an internist next Tuesday and I am hoping at least by then.
Thank you all for your kind and caring comments you leave. I don't have time for friends right now and you provide more support than you might ever guess.
The friends at work always ask about my Dad and show real caring too.
A three day weekend is coming and I need it. I may try to suprise my mother by showing up with stuff for a cookout. Not sure yet. We take it one day at a time...sometimes we have to take it one hour at a time. That's okay though cause we are still managing. Somehow we have the grace we need for each day.


Missie said...

The young man who is working for your mom to help with your dad sounds like a blessing! It's hard to get good people who genuinely like helping others.

Have a good week. It really is hump day today! LOL

Susan C said...

Enjoy the 3-day weekend and whatever plans you can cook up.