Thursday, June 04, 2009

Is the day half off or half full?

Today was one of those days we were offered to leave early without pay. Since I have not done that in two weeks I decided to work half a day. Things were going peachy when I learned that the company will be deducting my benefit premiums from when I was out on disability for two months. I had actually had about three hundred deducted from my last check going out and first check back. I still owe nearly six hundred dollars. I didn't know I would owe this and had to decide how much I could spare from each check. It really surprised me but what can I do but have my paycheck lowered for the next six months. My husband was offered a job, not a temp job, but a permanent job by a growing company. He gets benefits immeditely which means I can remove him from mine and probably save money there.
I took advantage of the time off to get my blood test which was a few weeks overdue. Then I went to the rehab to see my father. He was really a mess. He had fed himself and his pants looked like modern art. He even had dried food on his nose! I cleaned him up and visited him for several hours. His dinner came and I let him feed himself while the social worker came to talk with me. Talk about an uncomfortable situation. My mother is insisting that we bring him home. In preparation for this, she has widened the sidewalk and installed a ramp going up the deck which leads into the apartment attached to her house. The main part of her house has four bedrooms but they are all upstairs. He will not be able to get through the apartment door into the main house but the apartment has it's own bathroom, spacey bedroom, living room, dining area and full kitchen. Today she had Pergo flooring installed in it so the wheelchair can move easily as the old carpet was very thick and quite worn. The social worker has told her that she needs someone there 24/7. My mother is in denial about how much care he is going to need. I could sleep there but I could not be woken up throughout the night and be able to go to work and function. Neither could my husband. My parents have the money but my mother is reluctant to commit to nurses or round the clock care. The social worker feels that my sister and I should be able to be the voice of reason with her. It's so difficult to try to tell a parent to do something when they are in denial.
Well a friend just called to chat (actually tell me HER problems). I am going to go now and then go on Yoville.


Susan C said...

What a day. I think you packed a day and a half into that "half day."

I know what you mean about trying to use reason and logic with someone who's in denial. Pointless. But I sure hope your mom can soon make the choice that's right for everyone involved.

Missie said...

It may take letting your dad go home for your mom to realise it won't work.

I hope you have a good weekend.

Sonya said...

Ohhh I know what you are going thru with that insurance stuff....sounds like my world here. We have to take deductions from checks but we try to spread it out some and also we let them know they have to pay it. I try to collect it while people are on leave if I can as it cannot go past 30 days due. But there is usually some of it still owed when they come back.
Have a good weekend...and I hope all goes well with your Mom and Dad's situation.