Sunday, June 14, 2009

Winding Up the Weekend

Weekends go by much too fast. I have accomplished so much though. Early this morning we were up and off to our local Wegmans. If you don't have one near you, you cannot imagine all that they have to offer. We got fresh corn that was like it was just picked amongst other fresh things. After our order was packed into our trunk we went to Starbucks and used a card that was given at Christmas. We had delicious breakfast sandwiches. Quick trip home to unload the car and I was off to my mother's. My sister and I emptied out my mother's huge freezer downstairs and the two freezers (part of refrigerators) upstairs. What a job. We threw out two huge garbage bags of old food! My father kept buying food like there was still a household of 7 and not 2. There were some four huge packages of hamburgers that were in there two years. Things were never rotated and since they ate out so much they just sat in there. We managed to completely organize what was left and we cooked a few meals and even some pie that was on the cusp of being outdated. My mother came home to a huge pot of sausage and peppers, a fresh baked apple pie and a pot roast in gravy. She won't have to worry about meals for this week. My sister will be returning Thursday and staying for a week. The difficult part was me hauling this huge amount of frozen food upstairs (in large coolers) then transporting it to my car trunk, then to a dumpster where it was unloaded. I cannot lift more than twenty or so pounds at a time and it was a chore. I also cleaned out my mother's kitchen cabinets and organized them. Her kitchen looks like a model home. We'll see how long this lasts. When the kitchen chores were done I went over to the nursing home to see my father. Rob called to tell me our house phone was dead and not working. My father wanted his dog to visit so Rob brought her over. He quickly lost interest and we had to take the dog away. He gets frustrated that the dog doesn't seem happy just to gaze upon him. The dog is easily distracted by any other people in the area. After a visit I headed home and called the phone company. They kind of talked me through testing the outside box. We have FIOS and there are jacks you plug the phone into. If it works the problem is inside not outside. That jack did work so then we had to systematically try each phone and now all seems alright. I made some thick pork chops and fresh corn I had picked up at Wegmans. Also made some delicious freshly made mozzarella topped with fresh tomatoes and fresh basil. Over this you drizzle olive oil that has had garlic added to it. Yummy. A wonderful warm weather delight. Rob cleaned the kitchen and we watched a little tv. Now it's time for bed. It was a quick but very productive weekend. We have the company selected who will provide the caregivers. The ramp has been rebuilt and hopefully this week the new sidewalk will be poured. Things are prepared. Don't know how much longer Dad will be with us but things have been done to make this time as easy as possible for all involved. My mother is scared about bringing him home. We have assured her (my sister and I) that if she cannot handle it, we will find another way. Her home is cleaner and more organized than ever before and I am hoping that will give her spirits a big boost.


alphawoman said...

Sound like a busy week-end. So happy that you are able to help your Mom through this terrible period. Your Dad will be so much more comfortable at home and his dog will only have him to gaze affectionaly at.

Ronni Gordon said...

Wow that sounds like a lot of work. Congratulations on getting it all done, and good luck bringing Dad home.