Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sunday Pleasures

*My father in Feb 08....before his stroke
this is HIS recliner...only he sits in it. (The table next to it hides his snacks.)
Is is covered in a zebra striped blanket that is now on his rehab bed.
Thankfully it is not REAL zebra! A man and his dog.

Today is Sunday. Oh how I love Sundays. I woke up at 6 a.m. and wanted to go back to sleep. A panting Sheltie named Duffy made that impossible. Thinking would it be cruel to shave a dog that looks like a Collie just for the summer so I can sleep in on weekends? I'll get back to that. I jumped downstairs and had my first cup of coffee. I then ran upstairs and logged into Yoville. For any of you who are not on Yoville if you have a Facebook page you can make a Yoville character. On my blog is an email link. Shoot me an email and I will explain how to do it if you are interested. I can always use another member for my Yoville crew at the factory. Thing is you get coins for clocking in at the factory and then you shop and decorate. What could be more fun? If only REAL life were this simple. But I digress.....after getting dressed I went for a really long walk. I have needed to start walking again lately. I have been tired, stressed etc. but today I used some self discipline and just did it. I came home and made myself a breakfast sandwich of turkey bacon, eggbeaters and fresh tomato. Yumm. I then jumped in the car and arrived at the rehab/nursing home before 8:30 for a two hour visit with my Dad. He was sitting at a table sleeping when I walked in with his breakfast tray untouched. I woke him up and watched as he ate. Afterwards I asked if he wanted a tour of the grounds and he said "yes" so I pushed his wheelchair outdoors to the lovely grounds. He seemed very pleased and then he began to use words he had not said in several weeks. I was overjoyed. At one point I actually began to cry. He said "your car". Yes, I came here in my car. Then he pointed to himself and said "your car." "You want to go in my car?" I asked . "YES." I explained that his house is being fitted with a handicapped ramp, a widened sidewalk and the carpeting was removed and Pergo installed for him to get around easily in the wheelchair. He began to talk about things he kept stressing "IMPORTANT...listen". Much of what he said was not understandable but when I asked later where I should push him he said "the car....ROAD". He was much more alert and responsive and it was a great visit. I left there and stopped at CVS, practically next door and purchased things that had been on a list for about a month (hair dye, nail files, shaving cream etc.) I then ran into the grocery store and picked up some items. I arrived home and it was only 11:30. I felt like I had already accomplished a day's worth and I was feeling good. I then treated myself to a pedicure. After that I came home and have been relaxing on the computer. Today, life is really good. It's been the best day I have had in a long time.

My husband starts a new job on Wednesday. He will get benefits immediately which means I will be able to take him off mine, which while good, are a bit expensive. Since I am paying back the bens I had while out on disability that will really help. Things are starting to look good. My yard is freshly mowed. I am defrosting thick burgers for the grill and also making fresh corn on the cob. I still have several hours left of my weekend and I am reading a good book I will have time to read some more in. It's MERCY by Jodi Picoult. Maybe some of you have read it.

Today I feel grateful. For a new job for Rob, for freshly manicured feet with bright summer pink polish, for my own home and yard and for some quality time with my Dad. At CVS I looked at Father's Day cards and I began to cry.

I am hoping he will be with us that day, I believe that he will right now. At this point I have to be happy for moments and I am.
OH! Yesterday I called my grandmother (remember she is 96 and has advanced breast cancer which has now spread) she was singing. YES singing! She was telling me she was thinking about what a wonderful life she has lead. She will soon see her maker and she is happy to be with her loved ones who are waiting for her. She insisted I sing with her. Have you ever tried to sing while crying? I was overjoyed that with all she is facing (and with my mother not being able to go be with her) she was enjoying herself. She told me never to be discouraged because there is a silver lining to every cloud. She inspired ME. What a gift she has, unconditional love and support for her family, no matter what. Am I blessed.


Missie said...

If your father wants to go in a car, then I think he's feeling better! LOL

I'm glad you had a good day today.

Susan C said...

Oh, yea, let's hear it for good days. And it sounds like everyone had one.

And I'm so GRATEFUL about Rob finding a job.