Saturday, June 13, 2009

Soggy Saturdays make me sleepy

Yesterday I had a very interesting visit with my Dad. My son was there when I arrived and was happy to see him doing some puzzles (childish wooden ones).He was very insistent he do what he wanted last night and let me know it. When I tried to wheel him back towards the building, he stomped his foot and placed it so I couldn't move his wheelchair and let out a boisterous "NO!" I was so happy that I actually bent down and basically told him he was doing great by letting his thoughts be known. He then tried to speak and I guessed at some garbled noises and when I got the right answers he was thrilled. Here is the really funny part. He said rather clearly "Talk to me" and I said "Okay Dad, what do you want to talk about?" Again clearly "tennis". This kind of through me as we have never discussed tennis before and with the small vocabulary he has I was stunned he would say that word. "What about tennis?" "Lessons" this is when it took every ounce of self control I had not to laugh hysterically because he looked serious. "Hmmm Dad have you ever played tennis?" A grin and he said "Maybe." Oh. "Well Dad not sure what else there is to talk about with tennis other than my friend Debbie plays it nearly daily." Again "Lessons". I then reluctantly asked if he might be thinking of taking tennis lessons. "Maybe." I then tried to talk about something else and he later said "tennis lessons". Okay.
You gotta laugh and sometimes I laugh and cry at the same time. So did my mother when I relayed our conversation.
Today Rob went to work. Since he had only worked two days this week he decided it would be good to pick up an extra day. My sister, my Mom and I interviewed agencies that send in visiting nurses and healthcare people. It was draining to go over all that has happened. My sister helped her take down the levolor blinds and clean them, wash the windows and wash and rehang the valances. The house is getting spruce up and we have to bring him home by June 20th. That is the same day of my nephew Ryan's graduation party. His party is at 5 so it will be rough to make it. I am thinking maybe I'll stay with my Dad and let my mother go. My sister will be here then too.
Don't know why I am so tired except for one reason: the rainy weather. Nearly all week we have had rain. I want some beautiful sunshine. Hope we get it for tomorrow. If so I plan to redo my last Sunday schedule: early walk, visit Dad then take it easy.
In the midst of what sometimes feels like chaos, I feel a strange peace.

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Susan C said...

You are such an intuitive care giver for your dad, Nelle. I love how you can turn his frustration into understanding. I'm learning from you.