Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Morning

Yesterday I did manage to get a lot done. I woke up early. Several of our neighbors were having a yard sale. I really didn't have anythingto sell but Rob had some games so he set up a table outside. I drove about 45 minutes to the closest Costco and did a major shopping. It took me over an hour to shop but I came home with a trunk full. That will make it so much easier than our recent system of picking up a few things at a time. We were spending so much money buying extra things that way. I now have a freezer full of meat and other food and a fridge full of fresh veggies and items for snacks. It's amazing how good some of the buys there are. I got a box of 36 ice cream treats for about $14.00. These were not for me though. I bought them as a pick me up gift for my mother. She was thrilled. She was saying yesterday that she really needs to get rid of the food she has in the freezer. Yesterday she made appetizers of tiny pieces of filet mignon wrapped in bacon. My sister made a cream cheese covered in a pepper type relish from Harry & David's over crackers. We didn't even want dinner when we got home.
My neighbor and friend called me last night saying they missed seeing me so much. I am rarely home these days other than at bedtime. I promised her that I would find time to spend with her today. There just aren't enough hours in the day anymore. In addition to working full time and visiting my Dad, it is a job to keep the prescriptions filled and doctors appointments made and kept. At work I am required to ask for time off about a month in advance. They just changed our attendance policy and now we can only miss four unscheduled days in a YEAR. Since it used to be nearly one day per month this is a major change. I get sick several times a year and don't know how I will manage to deal with such a strict policy.
I hope I have a laid back day today. The weekends go so fast.


Susan C said...

I sure hope those four unscheduled days at work don't include sick days. Yikes! Is that even legal to limit the number of legitimate sick days an employee takes?

I hope you have time to visit with your friend/neighbor and recharge the ol' battery .

Missie said...

I was just going to write what Susan wrote. I hope those 4 days don't include sick days.

Have a good week!