Sunday, May 10, 2009


my sister Dottie and I on Mother's Day!

I want to wish all the mothers a Happy Mothers Day. I think of all the moms, like one of my cousins, who are estranged from their children. Today is a bittersweet reminder of that. As I told her, it is my hope that as these children become more mature, perhaps they will reenter her life. I also think of the mothers that have lost a child today. So devastating for them and I know so many from when my son was ill. For those mothers I offer up prayers today.

Dad was moved yesterday back to the nursing home/rehab center. There will be nothing further done for him other than to keep him comfortable and he will continue to receive the rehab he was before. This is to give him the best quality of life possible. He is much quieter than he was. His speech is more impaired and his voice is weak. His heart rate fluctuates and yesterday was stronger but he slept much of the day. I am only going to put general updates here. To be honest, we don't know how long he has. We were told he was very unlikely to survive another stroke and since he has had two in a two week period already, they expect he will have another. All we can do is visit him and show support. At times it isn't easy because it seems we are watching slip slowly away. I keep reminding myself this is the circle of life and he has had 85 years, a good life.

My husband, sister and I are taking my mother out for brunch. She is a Sunday School Superintendent at her church. I think she will be giving that up in the near future. After that is over we will pick her up and go try to celebrate Mother's Day. I keep trying to let her know that no matter what, life goes on. Until recently, my mother didn't even write checks to pay bills. Now she has been dealing with choices that mean life or death. She is leaning a lot on us and that's okay. She has her own health issues. For years my parents ate a terrible diet which was fat laden. My father's carotid artery is almost completely blocked. I think this is a wake up call for all of the family. I know, although I have watched my diet in the past, I will be more diligent now.

It is a beautiful sunny day, 70 degrees will be the high. After the many rainy days and the humidity of yesterday, it makes my heart sing. Although I feel moments of despair, I have learned that life is to be treasured. Even the bad times are moments in which we can learn. I choose to focus on what good can be found in this and the moments that we are spending with him, knowing they are limited.

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alphawoman said...

Oh Nelle, you are always in my thoughts and prayers.