Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Another day where I have woken up at 4:30 and could not go back to sleep. I am exhausted and my day at work has not yet begun. ~~~~~~~~~
Some two weeks ago my mother went for a mammogram and some tests. When the doctors told her that they would contact her and didn't within a few days, I knew everything was fine. I have dealt with these doctors for years. My sister got upset at me for telling my mother not to worry that things were fine. My mother had crying spells and would not accept things were alright.(She used to get so frustrated at her mother for doing this same thing.) Yesterday she got a phone call confirming that everything was fine. Of course, this past weekend she was in a state and I spent much of my time going to the nursing home in her place. I realize that I cannot continue at this pace. I must work. We count on my benefits and my paycheck. While I want to help out I am getting entirely too stressed.
There are other things going on that are very stressful. A temp agency sent my husband for a job and then a few days later it seems the company has decided not to offer this position. In this country right now some companies are using temp agencies to fill what would have been permanent jobs. They can tell people it will lead to something permanent so the potential employee will work harder, perhaps travel further, and accept less pay in the beginning. Many people have told us that these are only positions where they are looking for someone to work a couple of days. How unfair. In this economy, I find this particularly cruel. The two days of travel expenses means that having worked two days which gets deducted from unemployment and counting in travel expenses it will have cost us money for him to work those days. The hours were not good, it was second shift and he didn't get home until nearly midnight. I do not think it was a coincidence that they needed him to start immediately and it was a holiday weekend.

Sometimes at my job they offer for people to leave early without pay. I have been very good about not taking more than a couple hours per paycheck. If it is offered today I think I will do this for myself. I need it.


Missie said...

It stinks that your husband was only offered temp work. I agree, after you take out the loss from uneployment and travel expenses, there's nothing left!

Have a good day tomorrow!

Ronni Gordon said...

Hope you ended up taking the time off and I hope you have a restful weekend.