Friday, May 22, 2009

Have I mentioned I live for weekends?

I am so happy that I will have three days off work. My dear friend, Susan, did an article asking what are you grateful for? and it really got me thinking. Sometimes I get frustrated with people because I have met and known many very ungrateful people. From the time I was a young child I was very appreciative.
Right now I am so grateful that my husband began a new job last night. In all honesty, the hours were not what he hoped for and it's a little further to commute to then we had hoped for but that does not diminish our joy that he got a job after four months of looking. This was the first job that offered what he made previously. He really likes the place too and the other employees. I am grateful that while he was out of work and I was adjusting to the diagnosis of diabetes he was here to chaffeur me to doctor visits and help me plan meals and get adjusted to the all the medicine and changes it brought. Rob is a NICE GUY. I am grateful for that.
I am grateful that I am still employed while so many have lost their jobs. My company is much quicker to terminate employess that are not living up to what is expected of them these days. I am working harder but things are going well.
I am grateful that through the past month with my Dad's sudden and devastating physical problems that I have come a little closer to my sister. For the first time in my life the other night my mother said she loved me. My mother is very guarded with her emotions and it nearly floored me. Seeing your parents who were strong in their hours of need and weakness is rough. I am glad for all the moments I had with my father after the first stroke when he could still communicate with me. I felt a lot of forgiveness towards things that I had carried for years. I am so grateful for that.
I am grateful for each day that I have to live. People take that for granted but anyone who has ever been a cancer patient knows the value of another day. I love life. Even on the dreary days and the days that I feel my heart will break.
Please take a few moments and ask yourself what you are grateful for.
If you are someone who takes their time to read my posts, please know that I think of you as a friend and I am grateful for you also.
THREE DAY WEEKENDS: you make my heart sing!


Susan C said...

Thanks for writing this.

Man, I was so thrilled to read that Rob will be starting a new job. Woo hoo!

You have had such a challenging year, and yet you still find the positive and never ever miss out on a chance to reach out to others.

Missie said...

Congrats to Rob on the new job. We all need to take time and remember what we're thankful for!

Have a good weekend.

jennifer said...

YAY for ROB!! Hope your weekend has been beautiful.