Sunday, May 17, 2009

Beautiful and Sunny Today

Today the weather was glorious. There was a chill in the breeze. I sat on my patio and watched the blooms of my clematis vine and another vine whose name escapes me. The purple iris my grandmother gave me are blooming after my wait of nearly two years. I had some beautiful moments soaking in the sunshine and the beauty of the yard. Today I didn't go to the rehab/nursing home. I gave myself a day off. Yesterday was really difficult. My father didn't want to be bothered by anyone and he slipped down in the wheelchair trying to sleep. We took him out to the gazebo and in the courtyard to enjoy the fresh air but nothing could interest him. Tomorrow I will try to observe something interesting at work that will amuse him. He loves my tales, the more I embellish the more he enjoys it. I do get an occassional smile from him. They are golden. My sister came for another weekend. I feel so badly for her driving four hours each way and then to see him like this. She is not sleeping well. She has a very close friend she spends time with when here and he seems to be helping her. My mother said yesterday that we are all hurting and it's so hard when we are all hurting not to tread on anyone else. Certain people in the family want to tell my mother what to do and my sister and I are telling her that she must do what is right for HER and not anyone else. She is sticking to her guns and I am proud of her for that.
I went clothes shopping today. The first time in a very long time, honestly. Don't look at me like that.......I mean it. I bought a white cardigan, stylish with 3/4 sleeves perfect to wear over the black and white top that ties at the shoulder because my workplace is always FREEZING in the summer. That and black pants will be perfect and I even have some wonderful shoes that are black leather with white stitching on them. I also got some nice slacks that are capri length with cuffs and buttons. I have to have clothes for work. I am down 18 lbs. and my old pants were really too big. I am not buying a lot because I hope to lose more weight by July 1st. I heart TJ Maxx because I can get Jones NY or Liz Clairborne but pay prices that are half or less. Most of the young ladies that I work with wear things that are very stylish but I would not be comfortable wearing. They are all wearing plaid right now. I hated plaid the first time it was stylish. It's just not me.
Well time to go to bed. The weekend draws to an end and work again tomorrow. My job is going so much better for me than it was a few months ago. The situation hasn't changed much, but my attitude has. I am trying hard not to sweat the small stuff. Learning daily that it's basically all small stuff in the grand scheme of life. Sometimes we have to swallow the bitter pill and move on.
Wishing you all a good week. Take time to stop and smell the flowers.


Missie said...

It's been cold here in PA today. Frost tonight!

Hope you have a good week!

Ronni Gordon said...

Glad you treated yourself to some nice clothes. As I've said before, "retail therapy" always lifts the spirits.