Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunday...or Serenity Now

James and Lucy.....
I am a big Seinfeld fan. I have seen each episode dozens of times and I can still relate so many life experiences to the episodes. My Dad talks about himself in the third person now. He has no pronouns other than he. Everything is male. When he is asked a question about himself his answer is in the third person.
What is your name? "His name is James." At times the humor of this really hits me because of an episode where George meets Jimmy who has invented these special shoes that can jump so high. Jimmy ONLY speaks in the third person and George finds this annoying and then begins to immitate it. "George doesn't like this." I find by seeing the humor, it makes things a lot easier. Yesterday my mother and I took their Boston Terrier, Lucy to see Dad. It was comical and I did take some pics which are in my phone. Dad insists Lucy is a foal (doesn't seem to have the word dog) , she is a HE (as is everything else) and the day before he had renamed her Kelly. Today he called her my name, but then later changed to Lucy. She knew him right away which thrilled him but then she didn't want to sit on his lap in the wheelchair for very long. It was a busy day and Rob took Lucy to PetSmart to get her a harness to make the visits easier. The collar seemed to be choking her. Rob then came home and prepared his sausage and pepper pasta which is so good. My sister insisted she couldn't eat anything that was not light so my mother and sister didn't stay although my mother wanted to. They went back to the nursing home but I vegged in front of the tv. I have a problem sleeping and have been waking up at four or five a.m. on weekends when I could be sleeping in. It's frustrating. The upside is I get a few hours of quiet to myself. (I am being followed around by a panting Sheltie which does sometimes interfere with the zen experience.)
Yesterday morning I had to go to the doctor. I noticed a rash like band around the bottom of my left leg. Between parts it looked a bit like cellulitis. The doctor thought it was a contact dermatitis but because of my other issues, she was concerned and had another doctor check it out as well. They gave me steroid cream and sent me home with strict instructions that if it starts moving up my leg to go to the ER. Luckily, this has not happened. Cause Nelle is sick of being at hospitals, as a patient and a visitor. He really is. He may need professional help. LOL George would say "Serenity now!"
I am hoping to have a VERY leisurely day today. That does mean popping over to see Dad. Taking him the soft peppermint candies he loves. Seeing if I can get the photos into the computer and perhaps print one to take him for his room there. He has a long way to go but I think he has made remarkable progress in just one week. Patience IS a virtue. I am still learning to be patient but when faced with these situations it has to be one day at a time.


IndigoSunMoon said...

I always loved Seinfeld. And I'm glad your getting a little bit of laughter out of your situation because of the show.
Love you,

Missie said...

I always try to find laughter out of every situation. I'm glad you were able to get thru the day thinking of a funny show. It really does help.

Hope you have a good week!

Susan C said...

Funny post, Nelle, especially when you started talking about yourself in third person.

My word verification is hellith. Sounds like someone with a lisp trying to say hellish.

Susan hopes your week isn't hellith. She really does.

Nelle said...

That was a great comment. Nelle really liked it. I wouldn't wish a hellith day on anyone.
Hope your cough is better. Do you think you have allergies?