Thursday, December 03, 2009

Feeling Oh So Much Better

I am feeling somewhat better physically. I am not as tired and having to fight to stay awake throughout the day. My breathing remains a struggle if I do anything that exerts my lungs. They tell me it's because my lungs were filled with infection and toxins from July until November and it will take them awhile to get back to normal. I am hoping this will happen soon.

I had blogged about how the state of NJ cut off my disability while I was hospitalized and unable to respond to a letter they sent in a timely fashion. The date they WROTE it began the ten day period in which I had to appeal. Problem is I was hospitalized before it even arrived! Anyhoo, I called my state legislature representative's office and received some assistance. YES!!!! They got my claim reopened for me and I am waiting to receive a form I need to take to my doctor so I can resume getting some checks. Mind you, this will help greatly, but I am still getting a lot less than I make working. I was lent the money for this month's car payment which I will return once those checks start arriving. I am afraid it might not be in time for the holidays and in fact, I might almost be back at work. Still, I will gladly take them regardless of when they arrive. I am so appreciative to Ann Marie who made that important call for me. My attempts to call were futile, my letters both faxed and mailed went unanswered. I don't think I could have resolved this without her assistance.

I am slowly putting a few holiday decorations around. The tree will probably be put up this Saturday because Rob will be working the next two Saturdays. He was offered overtime and jumped at the opportunity. It is hard for me to see him go to work, work so hard while I cannot. He gets frustrated at what I try to do but believe me I don't get much done with the dizziness when I bend over and the gasping for breath once I start moving quickly. Well, I am going to go check the mailbox once again for the form which I wait to arrive. Once it's here I will run it to the doctor's office immediately, have her fill it in and personally mail it back to the agency. Today this is my top priority.


A Middle Aged Mom said...

That's great news! I'm so happy you're benefits are being restored!

Susan C said...

Wonderful news about feeling a little better physically and financially. So glad you're getting the case resolved. Good for your friend for her help!

alphawoman said...

I am so relieved you are feeling better and the red tape is being reduced!