Friday, December 11, 2009


Each week the visiting nurse takes blood to perform a test called a "vanco trough". Apparently this lets them know when there is too much of the drug remaining in your body. Last week my number was at the top of the maximum allowable and they decided to give it another week. This week it was just too high and I had to stop my nightly infusions. I am really concerned about this as it means I am getting HALF of the dose that I was. Obviously, this is not an easy bacteria to get rid of and it has been there for about four months, best we can determine. When I finished my treatments on Christmas evening I was supposed to get the PICC Line removed. Now, because of the reduction of the medicine, it will have to remain in a few more weeks. I know it doesn't seem like a "big deal" to have the line in your arm but it is very uncomfortable. It is right above the inside of my elbow. There is a clip (to open and close the line) that digs into the elbow. There is a plastic protective covering so the line cannot be moved. Nurses have tried to make it more comfortable. This means I will be returning to work (if things go as scheduled) with the line in. That will be rather uncomfortable. My boss got promoted so I will be returning to a new work area, have a new boss and a new team. I think it will be stressful enough without the line to worry about.

My friend Jeanne's son will be leaving on Saturday for Afghanistan. He is scared and so is she. She lost her mother last year and this is a really bad time for her. She has been out of work and on unemployment and is struggling with that also. Please keep her in your prayers and thoughts, as well as her son, Richard. At times like this it is hard for me because I like to help people in need. The only charitable thing we have done this holiday season was to buy a goat and a beehive for a family in a third world country, that was in memory of my grandmother. I am still waiting/hoping that I receive a disability check. While it seemed promising earlier, I have received yet another letter denying my claim. Since all communication is via snail mail you never know what has crossed in the mail and it is just so frustrating. I will give it one more week before calling the politician's assistant who tried to help me earlier. At least Rob was offered overtime this week, two hours on two nights and he is working both this and next Saturday. That will help. I know a neighbor who is really struggling right now with her husband out of work and receiving no pay, they are surviving on her check with two teens. Her husband has done so many favors for us, fixing our heat etc. What would really make my holidays bright would be to have a gift card for food for them. The older you get the more it is about the giving not the receiving. I want to be able to give again.

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Missie said...

You had asked me a few days or even weeks if my port was like the ports you get for chemo. Well, yes it is. It's in my stomach and it's attched to a line that is attched to a band around my stomach. They use the port to fill saline solution in the band to tighten my stomach.

I sure hope you don't have to go thru the holidays with the picc line, but it's getting you better so it's worth the sacrifice.

I can't believe you still don't know anything about the disability checks. Frutrating I'm sure!