Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The rain and snow are coming again

It's felt very cold today. I had a bad night got up later today than usual. Had to rush to take a shower before my visiting nurse arrived. In order to take a shower I have to cover the PICC line very carefully. There is a plastic sheet called Tegaderm that protects the line. Remember this line sits in a hole in my arm. Have to make sure there is no chance it can get infected. I wrap a plastic bag then put tons of tape around it. My arm is nearly numb by the time I finish and am ready to dry my hair. The nurse left and my IV was started about an hour later than normal (after a blood draw) so by the time it was over it was lunch time. Then I just did a few minor things but lost my energy to go shopping. Rob will be working overtime on Thursday and Friday so perhaps those afternoons I will go pick up a few last minute items. I need stuff for stockings mainly. For men this is trickier.

Today my poor sister-in-law, Leslie, had another surgery. She had her leg seriously injured in a car accident several months ago and has had a really hard time of it. Last night she had a horrible gall bladder attack and this morning they removed it. They were able to do this using the more modern method of making three holes. She would have been able to come home after a few hours had she not had a reaction to the anesthesia. It always causes her problems.
My nephew had shoulder surgery today...it has not been a good year for our family health wise.

Dinner is done, including the clean up. Time to kick back and rest awhile.

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Missie said...

I seem to be behind a few days.

Have a good weekend coming up.