Saturday, December 19, 2009

Serious Snow

Yesterday I learned that a significant snow would hit the Mid Atlantic. That includes us. I warned my relatives in the D.C. area to watch out and they insisted it would be maybe eight inches top. Not what the weather channel was saying. Rob was supposed to work today 9-3 and he got up early in order to arrive at 8:30, a last minute change. He was one mile away when I got the phone call telling him they were closing and not to come. I couldn't believe it.
He had traveled 45 minutes in the snow on slippery roads and wouldn't make a dime for his effort. He came back home and since we both had a rather sleepless night last night he was glad to be here.
This morning at about 9 a.m. a visiting nurse came to do blood draws. Now that I am back on two IVs a day they have to make sure the level remains acceptable. It had dropped significantly from the week before. This nurse is very pleasant but the smell of smoke is very heavy in her clothing. The other nurses are different. I have only had this one twice. Anyway, the blood is on it's way to a hospital lab and I will find out on Monday if I can continue the two IVs. To be honest I don't feel as well resuming the second. This is a powerful antibiotic that seems to be making me tired and my stomach is out of sorts.
The snow is waxing and waning but when it's all said and done we should end up with over a foot. I want to be curled up in my bed right now sleeping but the fire department in driving around our development with sirens blaring to attract the children. They come out and receive something (I think candy) and if they want, their pictures taken with Santa who is riding on the Fire truck. Last week a different fire company came through. So much for the older crowd who wants an afternoon nap.

Today is my friend Jeanne's birthday. I went to high school with her and she now lives in Florida. Her son just went to Afghanistan last Saturday... with the holidays being so close it's been difficult for her. Her husband died many years ago and she is a single mom struggling in this economy. I sent her a card with money to get herself a bottle or two of wine (knowing this is a luxury she no longer affords herself and misses). She sent me the most touching email saying that with my permission she preferred to buy coffee cards for the troops and send them. I was so touched. If you want to please keep Richard in your thoughts and prayers. He's in mine daily and of course so is his mother.

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