Saturday, December 05, 2009

Mission Accomplished

Today I got a LOT done. At six a.m. my proxy gift buyer (my son Tom) was in line with a ticket to get a free gift card with the purchase of a surprise gift for my husband. We had gone shopping yesterday and I told him I was going to come back for it and he said I shouldn't and he would do it for me. See, all those thirty-six hours of natural childbirth were worth it so many years later! He was a gem yesterday helping me carry things. He did want me to drive one of those scooter type things because of my breathing but I refused. I told him I need some excercise and if I walk slowly I can do okay. We stopped by to see my Dad on the way home and make an early delivery of new welcome mats for my mother. I can't carry things that heavy and now I won't even have to wrap them.

Today Tom called at 8 to tell me he had the item in hand, not to worry. I got up and began the day. Rob went into our attic which is a job with no pull down stairs, and brought the stuff down. We got our tree up rather quickly as it is prelit. Never more grateful than this year because activities with my right arm are limited. We then had lunch and Rob did most of the work as I supervised but I got two batches of cookies made. We had dinner and watched a movie while catching glimpses of the beautiful snow outside. It was a relaxing and peaceful day although I did a lot more work than usual. I am starting to feel that I am getting better and that in time, I will see a difference with my lungs and the breathing. I was so busy working today that my blood sugar dropped and I actually had to eat a piece of sugary candy. It seemed so strange!
Well, my IV just finished and I am ready to crawl into bed and get some much needed sleep. Hope your weekend goes well and that the holiday spirit grabs you and before you know it you are just overwhelmed with love for your fellow man (and of course woman.) God bless us everyone.


A Middle Aged Mom said...

I'm glad you're feeling better!

Judith HeartSong said...

Dear Nelle,

Sending a big warm hug and a thank you for the lovely Christmas card!!!



Susan C said...

So wonderful to read this joyous post and to learn that your body is healing.

Love the comment about the 36 hours of natural childbirth paying off!