Sunday, December 20, 2009

Friday the 13th????

Today I woke up to about twenty inches of beautiful snow. I woke up at four a.m. and of course that gets the pets ready to start the day nice and early. Had a cup of decaf and pondered all I would do today. I watched neighbors at 5:30 clearing off a car and making a path so the wife could go to work. I felt so badly for her, right now she is the sole supported of her family of four and she is on her feet all day in a grocery store. Rob got up at seven a.m. and decided to wait until eight to start the snow blower. He did take the shovel and clear a path in the backyard for Duffy the lover of the cold to make his way around in. When Rob tried to start the snowblower it just wouldn't start. My son had offered to come over Friday night and start it then just to be sure but we had gone out, it was late and I didn't want him out late at night traveling back home.
Rob did all the shoveling and we were both grateful that the driveway is small and our two cars filled it up. I came upstairs and tried to start my computer. No dice. It simply would not turn on. When the plows had been through and roads cleared I called Best Buy and spoke to one of the Geeks. He said if I could get it in they might be able to fix it in half an hour so off we went. I looked up and saw the computer was now over four years old. It has been behaving badly recently and I knew this day was coming. He advised me that the RAM was not enough for applications I was using and that the power supply was shot. Both things together would have been over $200 for parts alone then figure another $100 plus for labor. He told me that if I had those repairs done something else might go wrong due to the age. In short, it was not worth repairing. I felt so sad. I get attached to things I use all the time. I really wanted it fixed but I knew better than to throw money onto a sinking ship. We went and checked out the laptops on sale. There was a nice HP for $499.00. I was relieved they didn't have any in stock. Rob is pushing me to go away and get it but I have medical bills and my medical future right now is unknown. There's a possibility I will need more intravenous antibiotics and tests. Even with insurance, getting sick is not cheap. For now we switched my larger monitor to Rob's desk top. I had Rob dismantle my old computer desk which was literally falling apart. I kind of feel lost. Of course Rob tells me I can use his computer any time I want to but he uses it a lot. The appeal of a laptop is that if I am sick, I can bring it into the bedroom, or to the kitchen table. I've never had a laptop and I am leary of making the wrong choice. (My hospital does not provide Wifi I asked last time.) I have been coughing a little the past few days. That concerned my visiting nurse when she came for blood. I am starting to feel like a perpetual patient and I don't want to feel like that.
The snow prevented my Dad's home healthcare giver from coming. That sent my mother into a tizzy. He didn't come this morning either but finally showed up at noon. My mother can manage to change his diapers but not well and she can't get him in or out of the bed. Sometimes I have to wonder if he wouldn't be better off in a place with 24 hour care. Some of her friends have told her he wouldn't live long in that environment. I just don't know. He has little quality of life and I know I would not want to be alive like that. I picked up two small gifts from him to give my mother. She keeps saying this will be the first year she won't get gifts from him so this will be a big surprise and possibly cheer her up.
I am so hoping that 2010 will be a good year. This one has been bad right up until the very end.

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Missie said...

I'm thankful we only got 10-12 inches of the white stuff here.

It has been a bad 2009 for so many. I'm hoping 2010 turns out to be great!