Saturday, December 26, 2009


Wednesday evening I tried to sleep and never could due to pain I was having near my PICC line. It was so strange that it came on suddenly and once the pain hit, it just wouldn't stop no matter what I did. I called the visiting nurse who advised me I had to go to the ER as it might be a blood clot. (I had already thought of that about 2 a.m. when I came close to having an anxiety attack.)
I showered and drove there. I was taken in quickly but it took about two hour before I could get the arm ultrasounded. It was next door to the surgery room they had put it in at. I found out there was not blood clot however I was told the vein had phlebitis. The vanco was very hard on it and I had two IVs per day for six weeks. They said they thought there were blisters in the vein and I can tell you it was in pain. They gave me IVs in the other arm and another treatment of the vanco and then they removed the PICC line and sent me home. Since I was driving myself I never took anything more than ibuprofen for the pain. I got home around five o'clock. Now both arms were sore but honestly the specialty IV nurse who took care of all of this was a gem. She had helped to put in PICC lines, was somewhat of an expert and when she met me she stayed with me for hours and removed the line herself. On Christmas Eve Rob got home after about half a day and helped me do what I couldn't the previous day.

Our Christmas was rather quiet. Went to my mother's and my sister and her friend was there. We had dinner. I got Dad two gifts to give my mother (saying they were from him). My brother and his wife came also for dinner. Around dinner time we came home (my sister's friend came with us as her daughter wouldn't come to my Mom's if he were there). Quiet evening.

Today we went to Best Buy and I got a new laptop. Never had a laptop before but my desktop just completely went last week. I have 3/4 of it paid for with gift money and got a great deal.
Hope your holidays were peaceful and bright. Now time for the HBO movie of the week.

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Enjoy the laptop. It'll be more flexible for you to use. I promise you'll enjoy it. What a nice Christmas gift. Glad you got to the bottom of what was hurting your arm, so bad. I hope you'll be feeling better soon. Hopefully the new year will be a good one for you.