Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Back in Business

Today I got the good news about my labs yesterday. My vanco trough number which had exceeded the max of 15 last week was down to below 6 yesterday which means
tonight I can resume the nightly infusions! YES!
I am so very relieved because I only have about a week of the infusions left and I want every chance to have them knock out the nasty bacteria that has taken up resident on that valve. Be gone!

Today I bit the bullet and went to Costco (yes alone!) I was careful to lift the heavier items with my left hand/arm and the kind lady at the register offered to empty and repack the basket. When I got everything to the car I lifted it all into my cloth/recyclable bags which I simply love using. The problem with Costco is that they have way too many things which tempt me. I had hoped to spend only $150 and ended up over $240. I finally got a disability check (another yay!!!)
and I needed to restock my freezer and refrigerator and pick up a few other items. With the holidays coming there will be people dropping by and frankly, people know when they come to this house they can expect to be wined and dined. "The beauty of a home is it's hospitality." On the way to Costco I had my favorite radio station on and they were playing all Christmas music which I love to sing along with. It was nice to go somewhere on my own for a change. I will probably be back at work in about two weeks and I am trying to get more acclamated to driving again. I have some terrible nights such as last night where I wake up at 3:30 and stay awake until 7 a.m. then only nap one hour. I can't do that when I return to work. My days are long. I leave the house at 8 a.m. and return home after six p.m. It will not be easy for me right now but I have to give it my best shot. There will be many changes waiting for me, including a new supervisor and new team members. I had been with some of them two years and will really miss the support they gave me. IF I have the person I think I will, she is a very sweet and understanding woman and it may reduce the stress I had previously. We'll see.
I baked some cookies. Poor Rob has to do the stirring of the batter and lifting of heavy items but he is enjoying the cookies. My sugar has been up from the change of meds and I am not indulging in any holiday goodies.
I am so grateful to have a few dollars in the bank, to be coming to what will hopefully be an end to this treatment and to have another holiday with my Dad.
Some days the glass is not half full, some days it's overflowing.

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