Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thank you friends........

I have received such great comments and some private emails as well. Thank you so much for all the support. I think it's even freeing for people who want to post comments. I strongly feel that Google should not be a search for journal comments. Don't they have more important topics to spend time on?

I have a busy day today. On Thursday we have "brokers open houses" which are the best part of being a realtor. The listing agent opens the home up and serves lunch to other realtors. It's a great thing to do for the homeowner because then if I have actually seen the house I am more likely to remember it and be able to discuss it with potential buyers in greater detail. I try to do 2 a week so that I am current on the inventory out there. The delicious Chinese food often served is just a bonus. I am also answering phones at the office tonight on the late shift. I bring other paper work in case it's slow and we have computers we can work on. There is always something to do. Once I make a connection with someone I like to send them a friendly reminder periodically to let them know I have not forgotten them.

On the homefront my sister-in-law Jennifer is still in the hospital. We are hopeful her body can tolerate the radiation they are giving. She is very weak but they feel the only hope to give her the year they are trying to give her is to get the area irradiated before the tumor has a chance to grow back. My mother-in-law has had to take a leave of absence from work to deal with all of this. We are trying to send thoughtful cards and notes to all three of them as well as frequent phone calls. My mother-in-law had internet service put in yesterday so we are hoping to be able to email her. We feel guilty at being so far away and guilty a bit for being relieved that we don't have to live it up close day in and day out. It's such a hard thing to deal with. Rob was there and lived it with his father. I fear my mother-in-law will fall apart at a later time when she has the luxury of time to think and let it all sink in.

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