Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A New Idol

I am not surprised that Jordin Sparks won tonight. She is lovely and I think her mother is breathtaking. Her Dad contributed to her good looks as well. I thought tonight's finale was really entertaining and one of my all time favorites made an appearance, The Divine Miss M. I will never forget way back when when I first saw Bette Midler. OH I fell in love with the persona.
I played that album until I wore it out. She was over the top. I imagined what it must be like to be her. At the time I was about twenty I think with a baby. I just couldn't imagine being her with her fabulous voice and campy wardrobe. She was the bomb. She is still stunning and she's got a few years on me. I loved her skirt. She always carries a few p0unds more than most people in show biz but I think she is still sexy. Bette you rock!

I made a visit to my internist this afternoon. I have an ear infection. He told me I had some wax in the ear too and he wanted to remove it so I could put drops into it for the pain, in addition to oral antibiotics. That push of warm water really got the ache pushed into high gear. I was hoping removing some wax would return my hearing but it didn't. The antibiotics will do that, soon I hope. At least I am hoping I will have less pain tonight when I lay my head down.
I hope I have that rare dream where I am The Divine Miss M. (My maiden name began with M. For many years my last initial was R and my initials were NCR, as in National Cash Register. Once again I have an M as my last initial. I like that. I have reclaimed my M and it feels good.

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