Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sometimes Life has Interruptions

Two nights ago I received a phone call from a dear friend of mine, Monica. We met when I was a 19 yr. old know it all and she a 34 yr. old mother of four. We worked together for a wonderful company side by side for three years. During that time I learned all about her. I was very fond of her then four year old twins, Julie and Jennifer. They were not identical but they were inseparable, and still are. Last week Julie found out that her four year old daughter (youngest of her three children) has Wilms tumor. It's a childhood cancer of the kidney. I cried with my dear friend. We both are optomistic as her doctors which are at Children's Hospital in Phila. It's top notch. Still, to know what they are going through makes it difficult. Fortunately, Monica retired just last year and is going with Julie to her daughter's chemo visits which are several times a week. For those of you who pray, please keep little Madison in your prayers. She is a bit angry at all the medical things happening to her. This news has disrupted my sleep. I wake up at 4:30 or 5:30 each morning.
My job search continues and the market is still not good. I was offered a few jobs but all of them would be over an hour commute each way. Just adusting to an 8 or 9 hour workday would be enough for me without adding two hours more for the commute.
I am very tired and will be working again tomorrow and Saturday. I will sit down and write another more cheerful entry over the weekend hopefully. It's President's Day on Monday and McDreamy will be home with me. :) It's supposed to get very cold this weekend. The past few days have been Springlike.


alphawoman said...

Nothing more heartbreaking than a sick child. My prayers and thoughts will be with Morgan.

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