Monday, February 27, 2006

God help us......really

I have complained previously about the lack of sleep we get due to the pets. Well, last night took the record. Duffy woke up at midnight wanting to go out. I took him out and thought that would be that. Hardly. He carried on barking for twenty minute intervals every hour or so. Today we are Zombies. Not the cool musical group who did such a great song, Gloria. The hideous ugly things that can't function in daylight.

I love my dog. But right now I would give him away for a few days of sleep. I called my vet this morning. They advised me to give him children's benadryl tonight. I remembered that the prime ingredient of benadryl is alcohol. I say benadryl for all of us. I even went out today and bought him a new soft, wonderful bed with matching cozy pillow shaped like a bone. I can't take another night like last night. I don't care if it's in the teens outside, tonight I will take to my car with the down comforter. Besides with my benadryl haze I could sleep anywhere.


IndigoSunMoon said...

Benadryl is a godsend! I give it to my dogs when they are acting like nuts and they sleep long and hard! If the dose you gave him didn't make him sleep long enough, you can give him a higher dose next time. My big dogs have taken up to 50 mg of it with no problems. The smaller ones I give 25 mg.
Love ya, Hope you sleep!

jennifer said...

Is he sleeping too much during the day? Walter did that, so I started not letting him sleep so he would sleep through the night. Now he sleeps longer and deeper than the rest of us.

Good luck little Duffy. Maybe you could move to Aunt Jennifer's house. ;o)