Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day!

This is me wearing my Valentines Day gift from Rob. I had my heart surgery on Feb. 6, 2004. That day was declared "Wear Red for Women Day". Imagine that. Did I ever feel important! A day in my honor. Heart disease is the NUMBER 1 KILLER OF WOMEN.
Read that again. More than all cancers. One of the reasons is that women are caregivers and often take care of everyone but themselves. It's so important if you have systems to have them checked out. I was having severe anxiety attacks and shortness of breath. Had I not changed internists and pushed for tests I would probably be dead right now. I cannot stress this enough to other women. I was under 50 years old. With my artificial heart valve I have a new lease on life. This necklace is made by Brighton (a wonderful company that makes purses and jewelery). It's in honor of Wear Red for Women Day. On the clasp is another heart with a red dress on it. I love hearts and always have. I am so grateful for a caring spouse like Rob who knows just what I want. He made me some beautiful Valentines as well.
He is the person I always dreamed of having. Well he's younger and cuter than what I had in mind! hehehe

Part three of the chronicles.................
I had been to Rhode Island three times before I had the courage to meet Rob's family. Actually I had met his cousin Lynn on my second trip because I stayed in her apartment. Other than that, I was nervous about meeting them. On my third trip up Rob's Dad was not doing well at all. Actually on the second trip Rob had talked me into meeting him but the hospital was closed by the time we got to it. I knew his Dad had been fighting cancer for a year...bone cancer. He had had his leg amputated. Rob had been home with him one day when he fell and broke his "good" leg. I knew from Rob that Bob was a brave man. Never complained. Worried about being a burden to everyone. When I walked into Rob's house it was full of people. The living room was overflowing and his parents were sitting on the sofa watching TV. I was surprised how healthy his Dad looked. If I didn't know he had cancer, I wouldn't have suspected it. He had his artificial leg off and made a comment that he was sorry about that. We had a brief visit and it was time for dinner. His Dad really wasn't eating any more. I was so impressed by the fact that he needed so much help to get around but he didn't want anyone to make a fuss over him. Rob was so loving and attentive that it really moved me. When I went to leave I hugged his Dad and he whispered something into my ear. "Watch out for that guy." We had a good laugh.
I went back to the hotel to pick up my car and when I went to say goodbye Rob began to talk about the doctors telling his Dad they couldn't believe he was still alive. When he began to tell me things his mother had said I realised that his Dad was not going to be here very long. It was so hard to leave that time, I broke down and cried for the first time. I told Rob that no matter when it was, to call me if anything happened to his Dad. This was Sunday at dinner time and I headed back to be at work Monday morning. On Monday morning I was walking into work when my cel phone rang. Rob was hardly able to speak and he said "Dad's gone." I told him I was walking into Macys but that I would tell them I had to leave immediately for Rhode Island. I then asked him to ask his Mom if it was OK for me to come. She said she would appreciate it. I walked into Macys and they were angry I was leaving without notice. They told me they couldn't promise I wouldn't be fired and I told them that no job was worth having if it meant not being where you had to be. I got home, packed my bag and headed back to Rhode Island. When I got there Rob's family were all there. We sat down and I began to ask if everyone had what they would need clothing wise. No, they hadn't thought about that. I took them to the local Macys and we used my discount. Rob got a suit, his sister a dress and his Mom a coat. The next evening at the viewing I met Rob's sister Jennifer and her adorable baby Cassandra. The baby and I hit it off and I took her into another room and babysat her so her Mom could be in the receiving line.Rob came out to use the men's room. He looked up at me holding Cassie and he smiled, winked and blew me a kiss. I will never forget that moment. All I could think of was that at a time like that, he was taking the time to make me feel good. Rob was so happy I was there and kept telling me how much it meant to him. I stayed until the day after the funeral and headed back to NJ again. Soon after Rob came to New Jersey and met my family and friends. I often think of how losing his Dad drew us together. I wish now that I had met Bob sooner and spent more time with him. I am grateful that I did get to meet him. There were times where I talked to him on the phone before we met. The evening I met him he was so ill and on morphine. Rob went in to say goodnight to his Dad. Bob wanted to know if I had made it home safely. Rob told him yes and he said his Dad smiled. I honestly think his Dad had a feeling about me. I think during those few days I became a part of his family.


IndigoSunMoon said...

You look just beautiful in your picture Nelle.
Happy Valentines Day!!

Michelle said...

You look lovely. Rob is quite a guy. I'm so glad you two found each other. :-)