Saturday, February 25, 2006

Snoozing on Saturday

Last night we had another horrible night. The dog woke up barking to go out twice. Once I am woken up like that it takes hours for me to fall asleep again. I think one night soon we will check into a motel for a decent night's sleep. I remember when I would think checking into a motel would be for a wild night of sex. Right now I would be incapable of that.
Yesterday our office administrator was out sick,as she was the day before. We had a huge meeting planned and I had to fill her shoes. Things went well and towards the end of the day I had to assist an agent with some tasks I had not done before. It was a good feeling to be able to handle it all. It's hard to jump into a position when most of the others have been there three years. They have learned so much during that time and I am catching up, slowly. Still have resumes out but unfortunately the job market is not good right now. Many companies look to hire temporary employees without benefits. To someone like me, who fills several prescriptions a month, benefits are an important factor.
My friend went through quite an ordeal this week with her dog. She had lost her other dog a few short months ago. Her five year old Yorkie began having trouble jumping. The vet prescribed antibiotics and when she gave him one he got violently ill. She rushed him back to be told by the vet that he needed to be admitted and have further testing. She later told my friend (in the waiting room and not in a private office) that her dog had been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and another bout might kill him. She send him home with more antibiotics. I did ask my friend how the vet knew that the antibiotics didn't cause the problem in the first place but the vet never addressed that. The first night little Scooter was home and got the next dose of medicine he had a repeat crisis. When she took him back to the vet's office she was told the vet wasn't going to see him. She called the police to get the records and the police insisted that the vet at least look at him to see he was stable. She then took Scooter into New York City to an animal hospital she had complete faith in. Turns out the poor little guy does NOT have pancreatitis but gastroenteritis which his Mom believes came from his love of McDonalds fries. He will be okay but in the meantime a bill of thousands has been accumulating. All because the first vet never "got it" the first time. It's so frustrating when a crisis becomes a mega crisis. Had the vet realized the first time, she would have been spared the emotional turmoil, trauma to Scooter and the thousands she will now owe. It makes me all the more aware that you need a vet you really have faith in. She did have faith in her vet until all this happened. I guess we know that doctors and vets make mistakes but as a layperson the antibiotic was the first thing I thought of. At least Scooter will be okay and I think his Mommy slept for the first time last night in over a week.

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jennifer said...

ROFLMAO @ no wild sex, just sleep. Gettin' old's a bitch, ain't it?

And people need to understand that people food can literally kill the pups, even though they are masters at giving us those puppy dog eyes. Tough love.