Saturday, February 04, 2006

Events of the last 24 hours......

Yesterday was Rob's birthday. I got him "the best dart board made" according to the salesman in the gaming store. Of course, this was authenticated by the box which said the same thing. Rob seems to think it's really fine so I am pleased. We were both very tired. He said he was too tired to go out for dinner so we ate some delicious chicken francaise that my boss had given me left over from a catered luncheon she had. My parents showed up with a delicous and beautiful cake. This cake has a thick fudge filling in the center and squares of dark chocolate that melt in your mouth. My cake.....err I mean Rob's cake was outstanding.
This morning my parents went and got another Boston Terrier. They are naming her Lucy, which was the name of one they tried to adopt through a Rescue organization. There were 100 applicants for the other Lucy and they were very disappointed. My mother was set on a female. She felt guilty taking Lucy away from her sister and I suggested perhaps she should have adopted her as well and she could have been named Ethel. My grandmother doesn't think Lucy is the right name for her. She is campaigning for the name Macy. I feel badly for her because at 93 she misses her dog so much but knows she could not physically care for another dog. It's hard to accept limitations of any kind. I told Rob no matter how old you get, you just must be in denial about the realities of it. I told her that she is remarkable at her age. Every one tells her that. It's just that her constant companion is gone. This is a picture of my mother's new little girl "Lucy". I think she might like her more than me. :) But that's ok. Dogs don't stay out all night or talk back...or blame you for letting them marry the wrong person. Dogs love us unconditionally. I heart dogs.
Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law Jennifer today. She's a cutie and a real spit fire. Reminds me of me in my younger days! My best memory of Jennifer is at my wedding. She and I danced to the Unicorn Song. We made up our own dance and got rave reviews. As sister-in-laws go, she's a lot of fun. Love you baby sis. :) OX


jennifer said...

OMG How gorgeous! What a wonderful picture.

And the pup is cute too.


IndigoSunMoon said...

Tell Rob I said Hap Hap Happy Birthday!!!
And, Lucy is too cute!