Sunday, January 29, 2006

Relaxing Sunday

My brother David and his wife came over and he installed the kitty door with the assistance of Rob and Mr. Smoke E. Cat. This cat is so curious it boggles the mind. Now his litter box and bowl of dry food have been moved from the laundry room upstairs into the garage. There are two reasons for this: one is that I don't feel it's necessary to have my entire upstairs covered with litter, and secondly the litter box and cat food are irresistible to the dog. He takes things out of the litter box and deposits them UNDER my bed. Like little presents. No thanks! He also loves to eat cat food which is very bad for him. Another plus with the cat door is that Smokey can go into the garage and away from the dog if he wants privacy. The dog is only one and likes to play games all day. Smoke is at the point where he likes dozens of naps and he gets tired of being hounded by a sheepdog. I think it's a win/win. Now....trying to get Smokey through the door has not been as easy as we had hoped. We have lured him through with the sound of the can opener, with an actual dish of tuna and with treats. Still, he doesn't take the passages on his own. He is very bright and I know he "gets it" but right now I think he's a bit miffed that if during the night he needs to emit toxic fumes, he will have to drag his fat ass downstairs and through the door. I finally am able to stand INSIDE my tiny laundry room now. I can actually fold clothes in there. It's a strange layout. When you are looking into the room, there is a cabinet straight ahead. To the right is the dryer with the door facing you. To the left is the washer. The washer that barely escaped death yesterday. The washer that I am expecting to last for another fifteen years because I shot the moon and splurged for a Maytag. The commercials say that you won't see the rapairman. I can't afford repairs now that I own Maytag applicances.
My personal chef Rob is making me squash soup and talapia for dinner. Yummm.
We ran out trying to find a few things this afternoon and while out he picked up the ingredients for the meal. I went to Target and I lucked out. I needed a broom and they had the old fashioned corn brooms on clearance. I paid less than $3 for them. They only had two left and I bought both. For some reason my kitchen broom vanished into thin air. I do remember it being outside and perhaps someone else in the neighborhood took it and forgot to return it. It was green and I miss it. It had a wooden handle. It's not easy to find that anymore. Sorry, but I don't like the feel of metal in my hand. Besides they get bent. I like to think of the corn brooms being hand made. It makes me feel like I am using something that meant something to the maker. Not a factory product made of plastic with a metal handle. I like natural ingredients.
Wonderful aromas are making their way upstairs. I should go down and help set the table. It seems like a nice night for candles and some music.

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