Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Nice Evening

Yesterday we had a nice evening. Dinner out then went back to my mother's house and had some delicious birthday cake. I took some pictures and will put one here. This is my mother and her sister, Judy (wearing the blue). The other pic is of my grandmother with her two daughters. My mother is very rigid about certain things. You can never open a gift before the real event. Her actual 74th birthday is Friday and she wouldn't open anything before then. She's the same way with Christmas. Nothing the evening before. You have to wait until the actual morning. This always bothered me when I was younger but now that I am older I understand that as you age the gifts get less and often that is the focal point for someone on that day. I, on the other hand, consider the birthday cake the focal point. My mother's cake was beautiful. Not sure if I can upload a second pic in one entry but I will try. The cake had hot pink roses and piping and strawberry filling. Did I mention the frosting was buttercream? YUMMM.
We had my aunt, mom and grandmother for lunch today. Rob made his fabulous onion au gratin soup and we had a piece of a sub with it. Outstanding. They wanted to know if we wanted to come over later for a second piece of cake. Have I ever turned down birthday cake? My son just arrived with a snow blower he picked up for Rob. We've had little snow so far this winter but here in the Northeast you just never know. Wishing you buttercream roses and a great Sunday evening........

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blhater said...

Sounds like your mom's birthday celebration was a success. Family is so important to me and I am glad you have family to share and celebrate with.