Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Leap..............

I knew when I took my current job that it would not be permanent. Still, I found that I liked the people very much. I had never worked in a small office before, the three major jobs I had were for large corporations. I thought it would be nice to be in a small office and in many ways it is, but it's quite different from the corporate place. The biggest problem of working for a small company is that there is not much room for advancement. I agreed to work for the least amount of money I have made in over five years. I knew going in that there would not be benefits or a large salary. I guess a part of me hoped that somehow up the road that would be available. Moving on is hard. I have put a lot of my new computer skills to work and done a lot of things I have never done in the corporate world such as making photo copies. My last job I had a team of people who did those things for me. I had a fax secretary that I shared with many other people. I have learned to do things that I had taken for granted.
Tonight I had a talk with the owner of the business where I work and told her it's time for me to move on. My plan is to register with a temp agency. They send you on jobs that can be for one day or several weeks. Most companies now hire from temp agencies. This will be a good chance to see what's out there and land me the job I now need. I am keeping an open mind about it. Besides I can work two days for the temp agency and make what I am making working four days where I have been working. It's really hard to try to exist on 1/4 of what you made previously. The bills are what they always were. In fact, with my medical insurance, copays that have consistently risen and prescriptions, my monthly costs are about $300 more than they were pre surgery. Each month my bills have exceeded my income. I have had a small amount that I have used but that's almost gone now and this is the time I need to take the big leap back into the job world. I'm a bit nervous but I keep reminding myself that change is exciting and that a great job is out there waiting for me. I just need to find it. Wish me luck.+


IndigoSunMoon said...

Wishing you the absolute best of luck sweetie!
Love you!

jennifer said...

Good Luck, Nelle!!! You gotta take those leaps. Otherwise you get stuck in the mud.