Friday, January 20, 2006

Keeping a Secret...........

Tomorrow my grandmother (the 93 yr. old wonder woman visiting us from Maryland) is taking us all out to our favorite restaurant/diner to celebrate my mother's upcoming 74th birthday. Imagine being 74 and still having your Mom. What neither my mother nor her mother know is that my aunt is coming up from Maryland to join us, and save my mother the trip of taking her mother home next week. That is a wonderful surprise for all of us. We haven't seen my aunt in four years. My father was an only child and my mother had only one sibling so all my life although I had many great aunts, I had only one "real" aunt. My aunt is about ten years younger than my Mom and ten years older than me. My aunt is much more like me than her sister. When I was a kid she took me out in the car and I got to meet her boyfriends. She smoked which I thought was so cool. She loved music and I remember her dancing to her Elvis 45s. She still loves Elvis and so does her daughter. My aunt is a wonderful person. She raised four kids and worked much of the time. Her husband had a heart attack early on and they had to deal with heart problems and surgeries for many years. It was a financial strain as well. About six years ago my uncle was found in a coma. We believe he had a heart attack and eventually she had to let him be removed from the respirator when there was no brain funciton.
My aunt never lost her sense of humor and always found time to stay in touch with me. Often when I call her she tells me she loves me before we hang up. It's not sappy but more of an upbeat "love ya!". When I felt my mother was too old to understand things I could call her and she was always a good listener. She was diplomatic and never uttered the words "Have you lost your mind?" even though at times I think she had her doubts. I really look forward to seeing her.
I will be working tomorrow until 3. The weekends aren't much fun when you have to work but I will have something good to look forward to when I get off work. Besides Rob took Monday off for a dentist appointment and we are taking Duffy for his physical and shots. SHHH he doesn't know yet. We will get our two days off together.
The weather here was gorgeous today. I was glad to enjoy the sunshine with the pets. They give so much to us. There is just nothing that compares to unconditional love and nothing teaches it better than an animal.
Have a wonderful weekend. Peace be with you.


jennifer said...

Who doesn't know about the physical and shots? Duff or Rob? LOL Tell both of them y'all are going to camp. That works with my boys. They both get all excited and start panting. But inevitably, both of them have to pee outside the office.

Happy Birthday Auntie!

jennifer said...

D'uh. I didn't mean Auntie; I meant Mom.