Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hmmm Interesting and some guilty pleasures

Your Stripper Song Is

I'm a Slave 4 U by Britney Spears

"I'm a slave for you. I cannot hold it; I cannot control it.
I'm a slave for you. I won't deny it; I'm not trying to hide it."

You may seem shy, but you can let your wild side out when you want to!


Patrick posted about five guilty pleasures and that got me thinking..........
thought I'd give it a good shot:
1. Either a banana split or a brownie barge from Jersey Freeze. Homemade soft ice cream that defies description.
2. A phone call to someone I have not spoken with in awhile. One that lasts for hours and when you hang up it's as though you were with them yesterday. Often it's just to reminisce of days gone by.
3. A long hot bath. The bathroom must be filled with scented candles and the tub must be filled with something that smells fabulous. Bath and Body will usually fit the bill. If I'm really lucky, my favorite man comes in and scrubs my back.
4. A gourmet cup of Starbucks. I'm on a budget of sorts and that is not something I can do very often. I usually do it around the holidays when they have the gourmet flavors that get you into the spirit. I usually go with the tall latte.
5. Godiva chocolate. Another thing I don't do very often. Once in awhile, at the mall, I stroll in and treat myself to my favorite, open oysters. They are filled with a Hazelnut filling that is scrumptious. I never get more than 1/4 of a pound because they are never going to make it into the house.


Judith HeartSong said...

what a great post Nelle... right now I am craving pizza:):):)

jennifer said...

I was here!

blhater said...

Having friends you can pick up a conversation with no matter how long it has been since you last talked are the best ever.. I am lucky enough to have a few. Would love to do redo my bathroom so I could take one of those baths with the candles and great bubbles in a huge garden tub!!!! GREAT LIST

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