Saturday, January 14, 2006

A New (and Improved) Look

I was telling Jennifer that my new blog didn't look the way I wanted it to and she offered to help me. As you can see, she added hearts and music. One of my favorite 70s tunes, Patches. Thank you Jennifer. It feels more like home here.

Today we had my 93 yr. old grandmother and my parents for dinner. This week was such a rough one for her with her confusion about her meds. Rob made his fabulous pot roast with red wine and veggies. We had fresh bread with it and a coconut custard pie for dessert. My grandmother was disappointed that her team, the Redskins lost their football game but she enjoyed an evening out and her dinner. It's a treat to have her so close the past few weeks. She loves to eat (that's where I got it from) and cooking for her is a real pleasure.

This afternoon it was 58 and raining. Tonight it's about 20 and we are getting a pretty heavy snowfall. I love to watch it from inside, knowing that we don't have to commute to work tomorrow, and that Duffy will be playing in it like a wild man tomorrow. He was leaping into the air earlier to catch snowflakes on his tongue. The cat wants to go out in it but once the snow wets his coat he wants to come back in.

I am really excited that on Tuesday American Idol will be back. Look for the link on the right if you haven't already visited Jennifer's blog about it. I was really into it last season. It amazes me that these people have the courage to do this. I love to sing but I cannot imagine doing it publicly. Even if you think that you have a great voice, there are usually so many people better than you are. When I was in fourth grade I took piano lessons. My cousin took them at the same time and we got together and practiced together. It was so much fun but when it came time for the recital I was terrified. My cousin was not even nervous. I did okay with it but unfortunately I began to feel anxiety each time I played publicly. As an adult I took piano courses in college. Only about a dozen of us to play in front of and I would feel faint when it came my turn. The teacher kept praising me but it didn't matter. I never could perform at her recital and thankfully, it was optional. She later came to my home to have me play for her privately. She realized that I was not going to overcome the performance anxiety and finally accepted that. I really was not that good anyway. When I moved here the space was tight and I sold my piano. Perhaps sometime later in life I will overcome that and play again but I doubt it. As much as I am an extrovert I guess there are limitations. I can talk to any one about any thing.

Well, the animals are settling down and it's time for me to crawl into my nice warm bed with the fluffy down comforter. Few things in life are as cozy as being in a nice warm bed on a snowy evening. Add in the fact that I am in the greatest company in the world and who could ask for more? Nighty night.


alphawoman said...

I want jennifer to help me out!! I want music!!! How do you do it. Ask her to write a tutorial (did I spell that right?)....she does not visit my jnl any longer (sigh).

Thanks Mary

jennifer said...

I do too visit Mary's blog. I just am a total comment slacker. ;o( You can vouch for that, right Nelle?

Actually I did do a music tutorial in FPP last month. Here's the link:

But if anybody wants to email me, they certainly are welcome and invited to do so!

Nelle said...

Mary that's true...lots of times we discuss an entry that we both read and neither one of us left a comment. Sometimes you're just in a hurry. Check out that link she left!

Anonymous said...

awww your blog is so very cute.

Im so anxious for American Idol too!! Cant wait to catch up with Jennifers idol blog too during this 5th season.

love ya,

blhater said...

I finally made it over to your blog and what a beauty it is.. I do like how you have it set up, the hearts the music... Fantastic job.