Saturday, January 28, 2006

An Evening of Reading Pleasure

Several months ago our blogging friend Cynthia had mentioned a book she had read, The Secret of Hurricanes by Theresa Williams. I have a lengthy list of books I want to read and I added it. At Christmas I mentioned it to my husband and he picked it up for me. Since Christmas I have not taken the time to read a novel...until tonight that is. I enjoyed this book so very much. Firstly, the heroine, Pearl is talking about her youth with references to my own teen years. Hot pants, writing letters to guys you dated who went to Viet Nam. It brought back many memories. I got lost in the book and that's when you know you are having a great read. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has not yet read it. In fact, I know that I will be giving it as gifts to two of my friends who will love it. I get very possesive about my books. Far too often, I have lent them out and never gotten them back. It's become a real pet peeve now and I don't want to lend them anymore. There have been times where book is no longer being published and it's a real problem that I can't replace them. This is where Ebay has been a God send.
This book reminded me of one of my favorite books of all time, The Scarlet Letter. I have reread that book so many times that when I see a new copy with a different or artisticly wonderful jacket, I pick up another copy. I grew up in a family where my parents thought their minister was above reproach. As a teen he made me very uncomfortable with his demeanor towards myself and another girl. Later he was exposed for making inappropriate advances to a young mother. At that time, what came out was that he had previously had a long affair with the piano player and mother of four in the church. I found this amusing because this is the man who my parents made their decision of whether or not to allow their 17 year old daughter to marry upon. Clearly, this man was incapable of making good decisions. His saintly wife stayed with him and after her death he married several more times. At this point, even they can see that he kicked his pedestal out from under himself.
I am a practicing Catholic now. I detest the actions of some priests and I support the strongest laws to punish them. I believe their victims should receive monetary compensation that allows them to get help that they need. I feel this way about any person in authority, be it family member, church leaders, Boy Scout leaders etc. What gets me though is that even when faced with overwhelming evidence some parents will never believe the victim and want to excuse the offender. Such small minded people really anger me.
I'm going to go downstairs and enjoy the company of my husband and furbabes. My human son was here earlier today and wreaked havoc on my washing machine. Fortunately, I think it will live to see another day. It was only three years old and I thought we might have to replace it at first. I wish someone could explain to me how a college graduate (tests have verified his intelligence) could possibly think that a heavy down pillow, a pair of heavy jeans, four pairs of khaki slacks, a winter coat, two heavy winter scarves and two sweatshirts could possibly FIT into ONE load? The pillow tore apart in several places leaving a trail of feathers.......
I told him the pillow was something to wash by itself, when it was wet, it weighed twenty pounds I bet. Well, he and his laundry have departed and all is quiet.......for now. Enjoy your weekend.


Theresa Williams said...

Nelle, I'm extremely honored that you've read the novel and written about it here. It is very clear from your comments that the book resonated with you. There isn't a writer I know who isn't just thrilled to find out a reader somewhere has spent time with your work and been enriched b it. Admittedly, as I was writing, I worried a bit about the religious characters in the book; I didn't want anyone to think I was attacking religion. I wasn't; I only meant to draw a distinction between spirituality and hypocrisy. To me, Pearl is very spiritual, although she has found that christianity, so far, has not worked well for her. The Pentecostals, in contrast, are vain and unfeeling, too dogmatic to have compassion in their hearts. Your story about the preacher you once knew is another good example of the kind of hypocrisy I was writing about. I can accept human failings, even in preachers, but when those same people fail to extend compassion to fellow human beings, I believe that is when they experience a true fall from grace. Please tell any of your friends who read the book that I'd love to hear from them. Thank you again.

Cynthia said...

I am so glad you read The Secrets of Hurricanes and loved it as much as I did. Theresa did a wonderful job. The story about your son and the laundry cracked me up. My husband still tries stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!