Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The first week of January

Jan. 2 was Duffy's 1st birthday. I am going to post a pic but be warned. His eyes which are actually a blue/black look red. Kind of like the pig in the movie "The Amityville Horror." He made his trip to PetSmart and got his nails trimmed and a bag of treats. He seemed pleased. He also went to his Grandma's and came home with an assortment of chewy treats. Doesn't seem possible that he could be a year old already. At this time a year ago I had not set eyes on him. It was only after we lost Sandie on Jan. 5th that it even dawned on me that we could get another dog. To be honest, it was another four to six weeks before I looked at breeders online and saw his pic. My heart twittered and I knew that if I could have him I would not be so lonely. One thing that I feel strongly about. A pet, like a person, is a family member. They are not replaceable. I knew when I got him he would never fill the void left by Sandie. He is his own little person. WE love him for himself. Like people, animals are never perfect but we learn to work around the imperfections.
The New Year has arrived. One of my friends, Molly, has begun emailing five things that make her happy each day. I am enjoying reading those. It makes me think of hers and some of my own. One thing that makes me happy is spending time with my 93 yr. old grandmother. We went out to dinner with her last night. She has lost her sense of taste and it frustrates her. She wants to pour salt on her food to compensate and it's causing her to have problems with her legs swelling. She does not want us to tell her about this. It's attempted with tact. She always loved to eat so much and I hate to see her enjoyment diminished. I feel so fortunate to have had my grandmother for so long. She is the one person in my life, as a child, who made me feel pretty, special and loved. Not just me but her daughters and her other eight grandchildren. She does the same thing for all her great grandchildren now. What a legacy.
I worked today. I came home and cleaned up a bit, played with my furbabes, made dinner and just read the journals of my online friends. Life is good. Now I will make myself a cup of tea and open a book. A few minutes for me to kickback and relax before the show "Bones" comes on. It's a great show and I highly recommend it. It's about an anthropologist who lives in the DC area and solves murders.
2006 is here and I hope to begin making some changes that will give me more time to relax and enjoy peace. We all need a few minutes in each day to experience calm and peace. Wishing you all your peaceful moments.


jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to the beautiful boy!! He's such a beauty, red eyes or not.

Tell your mom you want a cake.

AlbGlinka said...

I remember how excited you were when you first got Duffy. He's a handsome young pup now!

IndigoSunMoon said...

Gosh, the Duffster is already a year old? Man, where does the time go?
I watched Bones tonight...then House. I love those shows!!!

megzie212 said...

Awww.. Happy birthday to the Duffster!!

You know, this year we HAVE To meet, and when we do, I cant wait to see that cutie of a sheltie.

Glad he had a special birthday.

I love peaceful moments, they are essential to our lives.

much love,

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