Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Two down...one to go (books that is)

I just finished the second book by Julie Powell, Cleaving. I enjoyed the end much better than the beginning or the middle. The ending was about her travels to Tanzania and the Ukraine. The first part of the book begins with her where book one ended. She is still married but decides to become a butcher. The details are far too graphic for me and I winced my way through several parts and no doubt will not want anything with bones in it for awhile. The first book was more interesting to me and at times it was difficult to keep reading this. The details changed but the grizzly parts were there and they seemed to take up far too much of her "story" for my tastes. On a personal note, if I had an affair and my husband was gracious enough to hang in there as hers did, I certainly would not want to document it in a book where all his friends/family could read some of the details that noone need know. Her obsession with her love interest has details that I personally would have been embarassed to reveal but to each his own. I will be starting the third book which was recommended to me by a coworker in the next day or so. I have having some difficulty sleeping through the night so this allows me to do more reading.

Yesterday I went to my eye doctor. I have a mild case of glaucoma which he treats me for. I was diagnosed very early and use drops so it has always been well controlled. When I was in the hospital in September I was too sick to remember/tell them about the drops. I didn't have it written down or with me and it slipped my mind. When I came home I was so ill, I never resumed using the drops and then a few weeks ago I remembered. In November I had to cancel an appointment with this doctor as I was hospitalized at that time. I finally made it there, two months late and had to confess that I had not been using my drops and needed a new script. He dialated my eyes to see the nerves. He was relieved that the high dose steroids had not been a problem, as they can increase eye pressure and mine is too high to begin with. I got my new script, made a follow up appointment for July and was on my way. My sister was at my moother's for the weekend. We went there (Rob was off for Martin Luther King Day) and we visited with my Dad. Rob graciously agreed to stay with my Dad until the aide arrived so we got to leave about half an hour early for our lunch to celebrate my mother's upcoming birthday. My sister won't be here on the actual day next Wed.nesday. We went to our favorite Chinese restaurant. At six p.m. I had an appointment with my cardiologist. I have been having some dizziness at certain times so as a precaution he has me wearing a heart monitor for 24 hours. He doesn't think it has anything to do with my heart but wants to be certain. I picked up my eyedrops on the way home and it hit me that I spent $130 yesterday for medical in ONE day! Two specialist copays of $40 each and the rx copay of $50. I think that's outrageous.
I only received $155 from disability because again, the doctor listed I MIGHT go back to work Jan 4th so they only paid me through the 3rd. I have had to get her to fill out yet another two forms to get this back pay. If I were depending on this money to eat I would have lost a LOT of weight.

I am very tired. It's 6:15 a.m. and I woke up at 3 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep. I think I will now though. My eyes are weary. Rob took off Wednesday to go to the dentist. He was overdue and I am hoping that the dentist might be able to do any work he might need the same day. We have to get the cat to the vet and then we will be all caught up on all our doctor/vet/dental visits. It's a good feeling. It is my firm 2010 wish that my health this year be good and my energy and focus can go to other things. I love life but I can't enjoy it when things go as they have the past four months. It's got to be better in time for Spring!



My girlfriend was a butcher, but never detailed her experiences, so completely. I always love to read a good book, but from your description, I won't be reading CLEAVING. Sounds too graphic for me. Glad you had quality time with your mom & dad. I know from personal experience how medical bills can add up. Hope your disability will be extended to help out.

Missie said...

You've had so much trouble getting the money owed to you from disability. Have a good week.