Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Third Book I've Read: The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

Yesterday I read an entire book, The Art of Racing in the Rain. I simply cannot tell you what a great read it was. If you are an animal lover, specifically a dog lover you will want to read this book. The main character is Enzo. Our book begins when Enzo is picked from the litter by his owner, Denny. At that time Denny is a single man whose dream is to be a successful race care driver. It takes us through Denny's life, as things change and time moved forward. I don't want to give away too much of the book, although I guessed a lot before it actually happened. Suffice it to say that although Enzo cannot communicate verbally with his master, he lets him know through barks and gestures what he feels he must. Enzo is so endearing and intelligent. We all dream of owning a dog who fully understands us. Denny has that and so much more in Enzo. Even though there are moments of sadness, overall this book was very uplifting and it ends on a high note. One of my sister-in-laws will be having knee replacement surgery soon and I am going to buy this book for her to read as she recovers. I know she will enjoy it very much. It would make a great gift for any dog lover.

I am up very early today. I plan to get to the market early and get the items I need to make my chili. I have been craving chili since the cold weather hit. Actually it warmed up quite a bit yesterday although it rained all day, very heavy at times, with strong winds. I should have time to start another book I have waiting here. It was highly recommended to me by a coworker when I told him that the man who built my old house was a holocaust survivor. I have been eager to read it for months and finally went to Barnes & Noble and bought it. I want to get it read before I return to work. That should be next Monday. I have such mixed feelings about it. I really like most of my coworkers and the environment I work in. It's just that I wonder if I have the energy for the long days. I use several computer programs which I have not touched in four months. When I am not an active employee (such as being out on disability) I am completely locked out of the system there. I cannot even read my emails of which there will be hundreds until I return. Four months is a long time to be away from all that. I expect that they will understand and give me time to get back in the groove. I certainly hope so. In the meantime I am trying to get all my tax things together, everything I can in order so that when I return things will be less stressful here. I find that organization prevents stress. I have a place for everything and my house is small. That means staying on top of things which I am finally able to do once more. I am hoping that February will find me back in my daily routine and feeling better than I have in months.

(I have signed up with Shelfar but cannot get it to display on my blog. Rob also tried to do it on his blog with no luck. If anyone has any tips on this, I would be happy to have them. )

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