Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Take My Pets....please

For some reason, the past few days my animals have been misbehaving terribly. The cat comes flying out of his covered litter box like he is being shot out of a cannon and tears through the house to antagonize the dog. He also sits in front of the sliding glass door and cries and cries to go out. Once out he wants back in within a few minutes....the only thing this does is let enough cool air into the kitchen to cause the heat to cut on again. The dog also wants to play the revolving door game but he whines. His whine is high pitched and annoying and he does this to both Rob and I when we are watching television. Often he is outside and will begin barking nonstop yet does not want to come back into the house. I am not sleeping well and my patience when I am this tired, is not enough to tolerate these behaviors. I know that animals are not always on their best behavior (well neither are human beings) and normally I cope better than I have.

Yesterday I had to run several errands. My day started with a trip to the hospital to have my INR checked. (It was high so that means a recheck in a week.) I then had to take yet another set of temporary disability papers to my doctor to fill out. I am thankful she doesn't charge to do this as some doctors do because she has had to do it so many times. I then went to the bank to deposit my check and dropped off some coffee and donuts for my parents. When I got home I took a long, hot shower to help me warm up. I sat down and before I knew it I was napping again. I don't know how I will get through a work day when I return without a nap but I know I must. I checked the weather report and we were due for snow flurries last night with temps of 22 but none came.

In the early days of AOL I was part of a chat room that became so very close. We had a meeting in North Carolina in 2000 which was so much fun on a three day weekend. This is actually the place where I got to know my husband, Rob. That is a story for another day but these people were wonderful and I became friends with several of them. Two of them attended our wedding and ironically, the guy stood in when our best man didn't show because he was having relationship problems and was coming 300 miles and chose to go out drinking the night before. He has since gotten his life together and Rob forgave him. The group has sort of been reunited via Facebook. Some I had been in touch with all along but things like this keep life interesting. I have come more and more to realize that in life you just cannot have too many friends. Some are more acquaintances than friends but others are friends who have stood the rough test of time.


Missie said...

I think our pets get tired and bored of the long winters too!

Susan C said...

Ah, pets. Can't live with them, can't live without them. (But, even when mine are being naughty, I'd be lost without them.)