Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Birthday and an Anniversary

Today is my mother's birthday. I took her to the Olive Garden for lunch (her choice). It was a bit frustrating as we got there and there was a waiting line. My father's caregiver was only supposed to be there for two hours. We just made it back in time. My mother always gets the least expensive thing on the menu. I told her to go crazy and get something elaborate but she wouldn't hear of it. I love their salad and it was a nice lunch. Tonight my sister-in-law Stephanie is having a cake for her and both of my brothers who live in New Jersey, their wives and us will be there. This is the first birthday for her without her mother who always made it a big deal. I also gave her a stained glass angel holding a small heart that said "God's greatest gift he can give is a mother's love". While some might disagree, her mother truly was an angel and she knew it was in honor of her mother that it was given. My sister is coming this weekend. She turns fifty on Monday so there will be another cake then.

Once again I experienced some frustration with diasability. They never received the last updated form from my doctor. This is the ONLY document they will accept for processing a check. I called the doctor's office who told me it had been mailed Jan. 14th. Called and waited and waited and finally spoke with a human being who said the form had never been received. I was given a fax number and had it confirmed and they were faxing it over. This means no check since the one I got for a few days about three weeks ago. It will be another two weeks before I receive payment for January. Unfortunately, my car payment is due before then as are some other bills. My car is another source of concern. I have a 2007 Toyota Camry. Once of the many being recalled for accelerator issues. My son is so concerned and begging me not to drive the car. I must to get to and from work. I had an appointment tomorrow to get the car serviced but they tell me there is nothing they can do until the company tells them what to do regarding the recall, or sends me a letter. I have to worry about making the payment on a car that I am concerned about driving. It just doesn't seem right.

Time to throw a light dinner together before heading over for cake and coffee (decaf). I hope to get started on the new book tonight or tomorrow. My Shelfari has suddenly appeared although the book I just finished is not showing and I'm not sure why.

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