Tuesday, January 05, 2010

It's Ccccccold Here

It is bitter cold in NJ. Yesterday I ventured out in what I was told was 20 degree temps. I talked to two friends in Florida who told me it was only 28 and 30 where they were so then I felt better. Sorry ladies. Misery loves company. I ventured forth to Hallmark where I traditionally buy my Christmas Cards for next year while they are 40 to 50% off. I cannot stand to pay full price because I send out about fifty and with the postage costing more each year it's gotten quite expensive. I saw this year that one friend didn't send. I had not sent about a dozen cards that I had last year. I also gave four fewer gifts. (These were to family members who don't give me anyway.) Family discussion is continueing about stopping the gifts. It's so interesting to see the different perspectives of each person. Member A says it's not fair for her and hubby to give to anyone else as they are the only sibling without children and for years they had to buy for the children. (Note: when they came to my house for dinner they brought us a tree ornament and my son never received a gift but whatever.....). Member B states she has no husband and her kids are grown and I am the only one who gives them so why should she give A's husband? My feeling is when people are feeling like this and analyzing in such detail that the spirit of giving is long gone. Gift giving is never an equitable situation. Most of my life I gave to family members or friends who had several children while I had one. That's life. I am tired of thinking about this and I just want to stop myself because of the emotional turmoil that I get pulled into. With four siblings and their children, and now one brother has four grandchildren it's a large family. Even token gifts for that many people add up quickly.

Anyhoo....yesterday I treated myself to a trip to Barnes and Noble. I have been eager to read Julie & Julia and with being so sick and busy with doctors I hadn't taken the time to get the book. After reading Cynthia's blog yesterday with her reviews of both books it lit the fire for me to go get them. I got them both. I also purchased a book that a coworker Ari had recommended to me. I will be reading that and let you know how that book is. I am excited to be reading again. I am not sleeping well and my eyes easily fatigue. Last night Rob tossed and turned and I don't know if he will get through the day himself at work. He does have some comp hours coming to him. After working for his employer six months he finally got some sick days. Previous days when he took me to the ER went unpaid. When you add the $100 copay to that, they were expensive days. My insurance company told me my last week at the hospital was $57,000 just for the facility bill let alone the doctors. This is mind boggling to me and I simply cannot imagine not having medical insurance. No matter what, that is a priority for me. I am eager to see what will happen in the insurance arena. As more private companies are contributing less and the burden on the insured increases it makes many of us who have to rework finances to allow for medical costs.

I think I need a nap...my eyelids feel droopy and I have been awake since 4 a.m.
When I awake I will dive into Julie & Julia. Something to look forward to. Thanks Cynthia for the inspiration. :)


Missie said...

It's cold here too in PA. I'm ready for an early spring but I don't think it's going to come this year! LOL

Aine Butler-Smith said...

There are a couple of reasons i began baking and crafting for my gift giving: one, economics; and two, I wanted to hang onto the spirit of gift giving so to do that, I shared something I enjoyed doing anyway.
I always bake a lot during the holidays because I enjoy it; it infuses in me, I feel, a connection to long held traditions of preparing the rewards of harvest and storing up for the future from long held traditions. This infuses me with a sense of the spirit of the season in addition to gift giving. Since I have such an abundance of baked goods on hand, it's easy to share, even with unexpected guests.
Crafting is something else I enjoy and do all year round, I always have something I've made that I can share with another.


alphawoman said...

I am so glad you are getting back to your usual self. I did not send out any Christmas cards this year!! Shame on me!

Happy New Year my Dear Friend.


Cynthia said...

I do hope you enjoy the books. I'm also looking forward to seeing how insurance changes will pan out. I've been without insurance this time for over a year now, and it changes the way you look at everything you do.

Sonya said...

I decided this year it just has to be about the cheerful giving and as you prosper. My family has told me repeatedly since September they were not giving as much and neither should we. It's hard to cut back. I don't want to be told to cut back. Everyone should do as they feel in their heart and as they can do so. I was skeptical about sending cards this year. I think we got fewer this year. And I am not worried about it b/c so many people are connected on Facebook now. I sent mine but I wonder if this will eventually fade as a tradition.

AnnettSSours said...